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From a business point of view, there are plenty of good reasons to add dash cams to your fleet. And many of those same reasons apply to commercial drivers too. Here are five ways that fleet dash cams protect drivers.


Dash Cams Help Exonerate Drivers

Accidents are costly for transportation businesses. They can also result in legal issues for drivers and hurt their future employability. Video evidence can quickly clear drivers when they are not at fault for an accident. Camera footage removes the “he said, she said” from the equation and provides an unblinking witness to what really happened.

“We’ve had a few accidents where if it wasn’t for the cameras, we probably would have been found at fault just because of how it hit the vehicle or the location of the vehicle,” said Brett Spicer of International Wood Products, which added EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam to its fleet in 2021.


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Dash Cams Protect Against Insurance Scams

Commercial drivers are often the target of fraud. Dash cam video can prove that a driver was not at fault in the event of a staged accident. It can also provide critical evidence that brings scammers to justice.

“In-cab video for commercial vehicles is the single best tool to protect a commercial driver from insurance fraud on the highways,” said Matthew J. Smith of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, which partnered with EROAD for a webinar on staged accidents.


Free download: The Crooked World of Staged Accidents – How to Protect Your Business


Dash Cams Provide Context to Telematics Data

Video adds context to the data that a telematics system records. For example: If a driver gets cut off and slams on the brakes, a harsh-braking incident will be triggered. Video can show that the commercial driver was driving safely, and the harsh braking was a result of the other driver’s behavior.

“We found that it works to our drivers’ advantage more than anything else,” Spicer of IWP said.


Dash Cams Protect Drivers Against Wrongful Claims

There are plenty of other incidents – short of an accident – that can cause headaches for drivers. Let’s say that someone wrongly claims that a driver caused property damage. Dash cam footage can quickly prove otherwise.


Dash Cams Support Driver Improvement

Commercial drivers are among the best drivers on the road. They can, however, pick up bad habits – often without even realizing it. Video is a great tool for identifying areas for improvement before a major incident occurs, helping drivers become better and safer.


A Dash Cam Solution for Every Fleet

Whatever the size, type or use of your fleet, EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam products are designed to bring you all of the benefits of fleet dash cams. Clarity Connected integrates with the EROAD ELD to add HD video footage to actionable telematics data. Clarity Solo is an all-in-one device that provides video, telematics and GPS in a single unit for light, mixed and non-regulated fleets.

5 Ways Fleet Dash Cams Protect Drivers

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