Construction Ready-Mix: On time. On budget. One platform

Time is money in ready-mix. And real-time data across job statusing, dispatch and compliance delivers concrete information on product quality, raising your customer’s confidence that they chose the right company for their project.

Improve Communication and Fleet Productivity

A complete solution engineered for construction projects that empowers fleet managers with the knowledge and communication tools to be more efficient and productive with their fleets. A connected compact hub and network of wireless sensors provides you real-time command-center visibility into your drivers, assets, materials and equipment location and uses.

Captures contextual data throughout every step of the workflow ensuring customers, drivers, dispatch and management can access critical information and collaborate faster.

Streamline Project Delivery

Convert your vehicle activity into actionable insights with CoreHub. Get information you once thought impossible to know using a network of reliable, easy-to-install connected IoT sensors – it’s the smart way to power more profitable projects. Set time-based metrics to help reduce losses from wait times, surface outliers for driver coaching, and address trends using dashboards designed for the complexity of your business.

Concrete Precision

Precision pouring without distractions, keeping you focused on the pour, not the order.

Count every rotation, measure moisture levels, and maintain accurate digital records showing you delivered to your customer’s requirements. Help prevent human error with smart drum sensors for customized alerts at start, stop, fast mix, regular, and pour stages. Reduce your on-site detention times with accurate geo-fencing and easily locate truck-in-front on even the most sprawling sites.

Increase Driver Safety & Protect Your Bottom Line

Take care of your drivers and vehicles with customizable DVIR for pre- and post-trip checklists. Offer enhanced driver feedback on speed, cornering, idling, braking, acceleration and more with the precision offered by a 3-axis accelerometer. Achieve ELD compliance with our single integrated platform with rules engine for custom reporting and work task prioritization.


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