Simplifying waste for cities and haulers for a greener tomorrow

Verify service completion through accurate pick-up detection of every cart with purpose-built hardware that’s easy to install, diagnose and repair.

Complete Route Coverage and Reduced Calls

Make messy disputes and costly call backs a thing of the past with rock solid evidence to show you got the job done. Put your mind to ease with the gold standard of service verification that can work with any contract.

  • Verify collection on individual carts with CoreRFID™
  • Monitor service events with wireless lift-arm sensors that are easy to install with limited downtime
  • Verify route coverage with GPS tracking

Put your mind at ease with the EROAD Waste Solution

Service Delivery & Community Response with exception reporting

Monitoring service coverage is important to maintaining good relationships with the community being served. Having access to relevant and actionable data, like easily seeing who didn’t get their trash collected and why – empowers you to quickly take steps towards resolution. Our solution provides drivers with the ability to manually document exceptions at the time of service, noting causes such as Cart Not Out, Cart Contaminated and Cart Blocked.

Increase Recycling & Reduce contamination rates

Identify cart contamination at the source and use actionable data to educate customers and reduce violations. Contamination reporting can increase recycling and improve margins to help meet recycling goals.

Real-Time Visibility

When resources are in short supply, it’s critical to ensure waste collection runs smoothly. Keep aging vehicles on the road longer by simplifying maintenance. Identify issues in real-time via remote fault codes and vehicle inspection information to keep your fleet healthy and productive.

Waste hardware that’s built to last

In partnership with waste haulers for over 20 years, we developed purpose-built hardware and enterprise-level software that works for everyone. We understand that different organizations have different requirements, and our products are flexible and scalable to match your needs, now and into the future.

Don’t you need a simple waste & recycling Solution today?