Drive your business to a cleaner future

Supporting safer, more sustainable roads

Build a more resilient fleet

With increasing pressure to reduce environmental impact, transportation businesses that take sustainability seriously are gaining a competitive advantage. EROAD supports your sustainability efforts, helping you grow a smarter operation for sustainable success today and into the future.


Reduce emissions and fuel use

Get the fleet visibility and actionable data you need to make decisions that reduce both your carbon footprint and your expenses.

  • Monitor fuel use and emissions with fuel management, idle, pre-cooling and utilization reports
  • Optimize routes and reduce deadhead miles with our real-time route optimization toolset and utilization reporting
  • Configure and receive notifications for important events, such as a reefer shut down

Extend vehicle life

Proactively manage maintenance plans, service requests and inspections to avoid breakdowns and the life of your vehicles.

  • Get fault codes alerts and act before an incident occurs
  • Manage maintenance and service with our inspection, report and repair reporting toolset
  • Track vehicle health powered by our gateway assurance devices, asset trackers, and IoT sensor network

Cold Chain

Decrease food waste

Avoid lost loads and ensure regulatory compliance with our advanced core product temperature verification, integrated IoT sensor network, gateway devices and fleet management platform.

  • Boost reefer and trailer health by monitoring trailer ABS/EBS, engine fault codes, tire pressure and more
  • Know real-time core product temperatures per compartment.
  • Adjust temperature reefer units remotely and identify and monitor trends
“By using the solution as part of our new predictive product temperature monitoring process we were able to save about $50,000 per month by not requiring drivers to probe product at each stop.”

Corporate Quality Systems Director – Logistics
Golden State Foods

Waste & Recycling

Boost recycling rates and decrease contamination

Optimize routes, verify service and identify contamination sources to improve recycling margins, reduce disputes and scale your business.

  • Easily verify service with lift arm sensors, RFID tags, driver updates, and missed stop identification
  • Collect video evidence of contamination for customer education and corrective action
  • Track key recycling success rates with exception reporting


More precise concrete pours means less material wasted

Count rotations, measure moisture levels and maintain fleet visibility to increase quality, reduce waste and boost efficiency.

  • Improve time to pour and reduce job wait times with geo-fencing and automated job statuses
  • Track pours ensure mixture quality with smart drum sensors and custom alerts
  • Streamline project delivery and visibility with real-time detailed analytics and reporting

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