Hardware and IoT Sensors

All your assets connected to a single intelligent IoT network that produces actionable data
Our rugged, reliable telematics devices, asset and trailer tracking devices, and IoT sensors deliver visibility and meaningful data to improve safety or overall asset performance across your entire operation, no matter the size or type of your fleet. Harness our powerful, innovative IoT network to position your business for success today and into the future.

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Telematic Gateway Assurance Devices

Our gateway assurance devices are small yet powerful. Use these devices to power your ELD and sensor network, and enable communication across your entire fleet.


Convert vehicle activity into actionable insights

The CoreHub IoT gateway serves fleets in the transportation, waste, and construction industries. Sitting discreetly inside the cab, CoreHub collects data directly from the engine management system and other connected devices and sensors to transform your vehicle into an IoT hub. Easily add an ELD, dashcam, and a series of connected wireless sensors to track and monitor door alerts, concrete mixer drum rotations, water moisture levels and more—guess less, know more.

CoreHub Xtreme

Deliver loads with confidence

CoreHub Xtreme is a next-generation ruggedized IoT reefer gateway that empowers fleet operators to monitor and control the efficiency and safety of their cold chain fleets on a single platform. Achieve true temperature control across multiple compartments inside a single reefer trailer using our CoreTemp(TM) technology. Know in real-time when issues related to the driver, load, and asset arise. Be confident you have the data and tools to help avoid lost loads, minimize risk, and prevent costly maintenance.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

Intuitive, reliable and driver friendly, EROAD’s ELD solutions provide superior connectivity and data accuracy for fleets of all sizes backed by exceptional customer support. We offer two solutions, providing excellent flexibility for fleets of all types and sizes.

Drive ELD

The Drive ELD is an app that connects to our IoT gateway devices, ensuring regulatory compliance while giving operations managers current fleet visibility and options to add more vehicles or sensor types for broader fleet management options. Our Drive ELD app is ideal for fleets who want a flexible app on a device in their cab and have ambitions to scale their operations from expanded sensor data insights.

Ehubo ELD

Our stand-alone, rugged, in-cab Ehubo ELD simplifies compliance. Intuitive and driver friendly, this ELD provides superior connectivity and data accuracy backed by exceptional customer support, with a companion mobile app that allows drivers to perform ELD tasks from in and outside the cab. A rugged tethered, in-cab device that connects to the engine control module (ECM), Ehubo gives you the compliance you need today. Data is available in one cloud-based fleet performance management platform.

Fleet Dashcams

Boost safety through impactful driver coaching and protect your business from false claims with integrated video and fleet data.

Clarity Get

Benefit from the powerful features of EROAD Clarity Dashcam, but only pay for the footage you need. EROAD Clarity Get combines high-definition video, GPS, driver behavior and fleet tracking data onto a single device, allowing you to enhance safety, efficiency and visibility across your fleet, no matter the size or type.

Clarity Solo

A powerful all-in-one device that delivers cloud video, GPS location and driver behavior data. Clarity Solo is a standalone multi-sensor camera and is a great option for light- and medium-duty vehicles, last-mile delivery fleets, construction equipment and HOS-exempt heavy trucks.

Clarity Connected

An in-cab camera that integrates with the EROAD ELD to provide GPS location and driver behavior data. EROAD Clarity Connected provides visual context to what happens on the road for better driver coaching, incident investigation and driver exoneration.

Mobile Asset and Trailer Tracking Devices

When you add more vehicles and asset types to your fleet, it immediately adds serious complexity to tracking, maintaining assets, and assigning loads. Through our partnership with Phillips Connect, it’s easy to manage your entire fleet on a single platform while simplifying compliance and improving safety and efficiency. Our Asset Trackers can be installed within minutes with harnesses that connect into your pre-existing trailer’s Phillips-designed connectors.


A covert and high-performance trailer tracking solution that provides 24/7 visibility into your assets and expandable with the additional sensors, like door, tire pressure monitoring, ABS fault check and more.

Ideal for trailers, chassis, small vehicles and heavy equipment.


A solar powered gateway providing visibility into your fleet’s health and efficiency with optional cargo sensing.

Ideal for trailers, containers, small vehicles and heavy equipment.


A low cost IP67 rated slap and track device that can be installed on any asset. The lithium-ion battery is completely self-contained and boasts a life of 10,000 events. The behavior is configurable, allowing the end user to choose how and duration of triggered events.

Ideal for trailers, chassis, containers, small vehicles and heavy equipment.

EZTrac HE™

EZTrac HE is an asset tracking solution designed for the toughest conditions. Can be installed on any powered or non-powered asset.

Ideal for construction equipment, trailers, boats, and more.

Integrated IoT Sensors

Unlock data insights and connect your fleet to a single platform through our IoT sensor network. Sensors deliver contextual data enabling higher quality decisions powered by real-time intelligence. Our sensors are rugged, affordable and easy-to-install. Sensors connect easily to our gateway devices giving your team powerful, real-time and historical insights into your day-to-day operations.

For All Industries

Universal Tag Sensor

Attach this tag to any of your existing sensors to seamlessly connect to one of our gateway devices.

Cold Chain Sensors

Temperature Sensor

Reduce lost or rejected loads with temperature sensors that monitor temperature across your trailer and compartments. Receive automated notifications for fluctuations and data to gather key insights and trends to improve operations, remotely.

Advanced Wireless Door Sensor

Remotely detect when doors on a trailer open and close. Our wireless sensor is faster to install, easier to maintain, and more affordable than traditional wired sensors. Make smarter operational decisions, enhance security, and boost visibility across your fleet.

Fuel Sensor

Know your fuel level and when you need to refuel in real-time.

Waste & Recycling Sensors


The CoreRFID kit is a ruggedized, purpose-built solution for waste haulers. The CoreRFID kit combines location data and lift arm events, and pairs with RFID’s that are placed onto waste containers to prove that a container has been emptied, without any human intervention.

Lift Arm Sensor

Secured directly to the lift-arm, this wireless sensor records cart tips without relying on an electrical trigger. Easy to install, it has an estimated battery life of three years in trucks running high volume routes.

Construction Sensors

Drum Rotation Sensor

A self-powered wireless sensor that sits flush on the drum and gives you accurate, real time drum information at all stages of the job. With up to five years of battery power, it counts every drum rotation for quality assurance.

Water Add Sensor

Automatically records and reports the amount of water added to the mix for audit and quality control purposes.

Washout Sensor

Determines when drivers are actively using the on-board water system to clean the truck. Know how much time drivers are spending between finishing pouring, washing the truck, and leaving the site.

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