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Protect your fleet and reputation with location tracking, driver insights and video when you need it most

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Get the clarity you need with video telematics

Get the benefits of the EROAD Clarity Dashcam, and only pay for the footage you need. EROAD Clarity Get allows you to view video clips that are important to your operation, as well as historical video footage from MyEROAD, our cloud-based fleet management platform or mobile application. EROAD Clarity Get combines HD video, GPS tracking and driver behavior data in a single device, empowering you to boost safety, efficiency and visibility across your fleet – no matter the size or type.

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Protect your business

Protect your technicians, business and reputation from fraud, false claims and wrongful lawsuits.

Save on insurance and repair costs

Quickly retrieve video footage to establish fault, exonerate your technicians and expedite settlements.

Improve fleet safety

Use driver behavior data to identify coaching opportunities, encourage better driving habits and promote safety within your organization.

Track and monitor your fleet

Know where your vehicles are in real time, provide accurate ETAs and create geofences to identify arrivals and departures. Maximize uptime and ensure technicians get to jobs on time.

“We’ve had a few accidents where if it wasn’t for the cameras, we probably would have been found at fault.”

Brett Spicer
International Wood Products

The power of video telematics – on your terms

Track and monitor your fleet, protect your business, reduce harsh driving events, prevent accidents and exonerate your drivers – and only pay for the video footage you need.

High-definition video

HD video for the road and configurable on/off driver-facing wide-angle lenses ensure all events are recorded – day or night.

Fleet Tracking and GPS Monitoring

Know if and why your technicians are not making it to their job on time. Monitor and track the exact location of your technician’s vehicles on an easy-to-use interactive map.

Real-time reporting

Easily review videos on MyEROAD with confidence knowing your data is private and secure. Track harsh driving events, distance traveled, speed and utilization metrics by driver, vehicle and location.

Automatically trigger harsh events

Records 20-second event clips triggered by aggressive vehicle maneuvers: harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering. An included push button lets drivers record and send videos manually.

Hands free

Powers up with ignition and all data is sent to MyEROAD in real-time. Unlock enhanced driving and safety insights with an optional driver log-in key fob, sticker or card to associate video and telematics data to specific drivers.

Records out-of-coverage

Automatically uploads video when back in range so you never miss an important moment.

Training and coaching

Benchmark habitual behaviors on our driver and vehicle leaderboards in MyEROAD. Utilize a full suite of driver coaching tools to streamline safety review and coaching workflows and celebrate your successes.

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