EROAD’s Privacy Policy


Welcome to EROAD’s Privacy Policy, which we will simply refer to as “the Policy”.

When you use EROAD services or interact with us in any other way, we collect your information, including personal details. We appreciate that you trust us with this information and we want to always keep that trust.

We will start by making sure you understand what information we collect about you, why we collect it, how it is used and processed, when we may need to share it with persons other than yourself, and the choices you may have regarding your personal information.



We want to make it as straight forward as possible for you to understand our privacy practices. So we are keeping it simple and transparent. We hope this will help you make informed decisions when you share your personal information with us.

But before we get to detail:

  • This Policy, of course, applies when you are an EROAD customer and have a contract with us. But even if you are not an EROAD customer, this Policy applies to any personal information we collect when you use our services or interact with us. This could include instances where you use our services that your employer or contractor pays for, you contact us directly, you propose to supply services to us, you register online to receive information about our services or you apply for a job with us.
  • Personal information means information about an identifiable natural person. This could include your name, date of birth, email, address, telephone number, your movements and location, bank account details, payment information, support queries, and so on. If you can’t be identified (for example, when personal data has been de-identified or aggregated) then this Policy doesn’t apply.
  • If you’re an EROAD customer, this Policy forms part of the EROAD’s terms applicable to the EROAD products and services you’ve signed up to receive from us.
  • You may choose not to supply us with your personal information, but this may impact on our ability to provide you with our products and services, or to have meaningful interactions with you.
  • We are committed to processing personal information consistent with the requirements of all applicable laws. As we currently operate across multiple jurisdictions, each with slightly different privacy requirements, we have included sections at the end of this Policy outlining any specific variations.
  • As things change, and technology changes, we may need to update our Privacy Policy from time to time. We’ll keep you updated by publishing these changes on our websites:


You may want to check back here from time to time to make sure you’re always up to date with our Privacy Policy. If we make material changes to the Policy, where possible we‘ll notify you as required by applicable laws. We will also update the “Last Updated” date above to indicate when those changes will become effective.


Please contact EROAD’s Privacy Officer at if you have any questions about this Policy.