Terms and conditions

EROAD provides software, web-applications and related services (including for use with its products) for the purpose of providing tax management, compliance and commercial services.

These Terms explain EROAD’s obligations in the provision of the Hardware and Services and your obligations as EROAD’s Customer.

On signing a copy of the Agreement, or having Hardware installed in your vehicle or by accessing the Services, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. EROAD recommends that you carefully read these Terms prior to using its Hardware and Services.

Please note that some Services (e.g. EROAD’s Electronic Tax Management, IFTA Reporting, Permit Management, EZfuel Report, Over Speed Reports, Fleet Activity) require you to have Hardware installed in your vehicles. You may purchase and own the Hardware and pay EROAD a monthly fee to access the Services or you may rent the Hardware and access Services in a bundle from EROAD for a monthly fee. Other Services may be made available by EROAD to Customers and their drivers for access on their portable smart devices.