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Learn why more businesses are turning to EROAD for help with fleet management, compliance, safety and performance.

At EROAD, great technology is only a starting point.

Our customers use words like “dependability” and “quality service” and “delivering value” to describe themselves. So does EROAD. We work hard to be more than just a technology vendor. We’re the partner that knows how your operation works and delivers solutions that meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on a few straightforward but important factors. Our devices stay connected and operational. Our data is accurate. Our interfaces in the truck and in the office are easy to use and make it easy for you to stay on top of things. And when you need help, our team gets you answers fast.

We focus on making our solutions easier to use, more resilient and more robust. All we want is an honest shot at earning your trust and business, and the chance to help you move your business (and your fleet) forward. Simply, safely and securely.

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Our Story

EROAD starts up in 2000, focused on technology solutions to modernize paper-based road tax systems.

In 2009, EROAD implements the world’s first network-wide GPS/cellular-based road user charging system, revolutionizing New Zealand’s paper-based system. EROAD begins offering fleet management and safety products, becoming the telematics leader for New Zealand’s heavy vehicle sector.

In 2014, EROAD North America launches in Oregon, becoming the first approved electronic Weight-Mile Tax (WMT) service provider in North America. EROAD expands into Australia.

In 2015, EROAD North America launches its electronic IFTA service, followed by electronic IRP.

In 2017, EROAD North America launches a compliant ELD and DVIR solution, offering unparalleled accuracy, consistency and ease of use.



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