Why choose EROAD? Fleet optimization.

Specialized technology to solve your fleet management needs for both heavy and non-regulated fleets.

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Choosing the right partner for fleet management technologies can be the difference between success and failure. EROAD knows how complex your business is, and we want to make sure you get the return on investment you expect from your telematics solution. EROAD delivers the reliability and accuracy you need to ensure enhanced safety, consistent compliance and efficient fleet operations. Norm Ellis, Executive GM of EROAD North America, discusses what makes EROAD unique in the market and why you should consider EROAD for your own fleet.

The EROAD advantage

EROAD delivers on excellence in data accuracy, connectivity, security and top-notch customer service.


Hardware records each vehicle’s location accurately by recording location, speed and other data every second.


Highly reliable service up-time minimizes costly interruptions to your business.


Your data is securely recorded, confidentially stored, and always remains your property.


The success of EROAD is tied to your success. By providing top-notch customer service, we ensure your success.

“Customer service is EROAD’s biggest strength. It means so much that you can talk to someone right away. With other companies, you waste half your day being put on hold waiting to talk to someone. EROAD starts resolving the issue immediately.”

Cyrel Moore
Safety & Compliance Manager
B & R Reliable Transport

How it works

EROAD makes it easy for you to monitor and manage all of your fleet needs.

Ehubo: EROAD’s in-cab technology

The in-cab EROAD technology is built specifically to solve the demanding needs of the transportation industry.

The backbone of data collection at EROAD, the Ehubo serves as an electronic logging device (ELD) and is the main interface for all driver communication, maintenance requests and hours of service (HOS) tracking.

EROAD technology is unparalleled in:

  • ELD HOS compliance
  • Data accuracy and connectivity
  • Rugged reliability
  • Ease of use

MyEROAD: EROAD’s fleet management portal

Coordinating the needs of your fleet takes a keen eye for detail and access to the right information when you need it.

The EROAD web portal – myEROAD – gives you quick access to accurate data and user-friendly reports that help you improve productivity across your business, meet agreed customer service levels, reduce costs and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Whether you’re trying to determine delivery times, record mileage for taxes, track driver safety, or even calculate detention time for billing, MyROAD gives you easy access to all of your data.


EROAD is built using modern, reliable cloud technologies that provide the power and reliability necessary for demanding fleets like yours.

It’s not necessary to fully understand the back-end technology to take advantage of the benefits. Running on the Amazon AWS platform, the EROAD Depot is a SaaS Service that aggregates all of the data collected from your fleet and makes it quickly available to you for use.

Built and tested as a secure platform for your data, we’re proud to provide a very reliable service up-time.

Customer service and support

EROAD believes technology should be simple, user-friendly, and include support that you can count on. Our success is directly tied to your success and we are ready to support your journey into better, more profitable fleet management.

With in-country support, a transportation professional is at the ready to help you configure, understand and act upon the valuable data collected by the EROAD solution.

Transportation industry partners

EROAD goes well beyond building technology that supports transportation business needs. We are proud partners with industry associations, government regulators and enforcement professionals.

We work closely with national and regional transportation associations to provide support to fleets and carriers to make it easier to meet government mandates and regulations.

In addition we provide training for enforcement professionals on the use of EROAD technology. This ensures that roadside inspections are efficient and include the least amount of downtime for your drivers. The EROAD solution is well known to FMCSA and CVSA, giving you the inside edge that can help your business effectively navigate government regulations.

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