Secure cloud-based fleet management platform

Built from the ground up for reliability, accuracy and security.

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The EROAD platform was built from the ground up for reliability, accuracy and security. Each part of the platform securely communicates with the other parts to provide you with consistent, reliable service.

The in-vehicle hardware, the Ehubo, records, stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network

Vehicle information is processed by EROAD’s application server and made available to users via the secure online portal, called MyEROAD


EROAD has built a technology platform to support the commercial transport sector – designed to meet the highest performance, financial and evidential standards.

Our commitment to meeting strict technical and security requirements translates into high service levels and security for our customers’ records and data. System performance and redundancy is a key focus.

We regularly conduct independent security testing and our policies and procedures are aligned to internationally accepted control objectives and practices for privacy, security and information systems. These include FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Level 3, Common Criteria EAL2+ ALC_FLR.1 and United States Government Accountability Office Audit and Security Guidelines.

The EROAD system undergoes regular audits by regulatory bodies in the markets we operate in; such as the Oregon Secretary of State.  The EROAD electronic tax solution means our customers can be confident that their data, records and tax returns are complete, accurate and able to withstand the scrutiny of an external audit.


Is self-certification enough?

EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

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