Easy, reliable, accurate fleet management solution

Connect drivers, dispatch and back office with a unified platform that helps you maximize fleet safety, performance and compliance with our tracking systems for light, mixed and heavy-duty fleets.

Protect your most sensitive goods

Control every aspect of your cold chain transportation journey, from two-way reefer controls, asset tracking, driver behavior, vehicle inspections and true ETA.

Simplifying waste for cities and haulers for a greener tomorrow

Verify service completion through accurate pick-up detection of every cart with purpose-built hardware that’s easy to install, diagnose and repair.

Construction Ready-Mix: On time. On budget. One platform

Time is money in ready-mix. And real-time data across job statusing, dispatch and compliance delivers concrete information on product quality, raising your customer’s confidence that they chose the right company for their project.

What’s New

Introducing CoreHub Xtreme

A Next-Generation Cold Chain assurance gateway

Deliver loads with confidence

CoreHub Xtreme is a next-generation ruggedized IoT gateway that empowers fleet operators to monitor and control the efficiency and safety of their cold chain fleets within a single dashboard.

How EROAD tracking systems help you improve your fleet 

EROAD gives you accurate, consistent data to drive your business. We put easy-to-use tools in your drivers’ hands that they can trust to make them productive, safe and happy. And we give you the support you need on the road and in the office to keep processes, people and loads moving, turning complex fleet data into better fleet performance. We offer management solutions to optimize your fleet operation no matter its composition. We’re EROAD, and when you want a technology partner that is dedicated to your success, we’re all systems go.


Intelligent Fleet Management

Monitor operations, improve productivity, meet service agreements, and reduce costs.

Enhanced Fleet Safety

Use video and driver insight reports to coach your team on safe driving behaviors.

Easy Compliance

Easily manage HOS, DVIR, IFTA and IRP compliance with EROAD’s leading ELD solution.

Mobile Driver Workflow

Connect critical parts of your organization and unleash your team’s productivity. 

The EROAD advantage

EROAD products and technology offer better accuracy, consistency and ease of use for every fleet composition. Learn why that matters for your fleet performance and compliance.

“We never kept track of off-road miles before because the paperwork was just too much. With your geofences, it saves us money we never could before. I think I am your biggest fan.”

Jamie Stateler, Controller & Vice President of Finance
R.S. Davis Recycling Inc.

“Before we adopted EROAD, we prepared quarterly IFTA returns manually. It could take two weeks to get all of the information and recreate each trip. With EROAD it takes ten minutes and it eliminates driver errors entering state mileages and fuel purchase data.”

John Sammons
Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc.

“With EROAD, we have not had even a single Hours-of-Service violation. It’s a great deal simpler to use than any of the 30 other products we tested. It takes most drivers 15 minutes to learn to operate it.”

John Madison, Project Manager
JAS Trucking

 EROAD Fleet Trends Webinar Series

EROAD’s Fleet Trends Webinar Series highlights trucking topics from leading experts in the industry, covering everything from safety, compliance and navigating fleet management. Watch now to hear the latest industry updates.

Topics include:

  • DOT Audits in an ELD World
  • Preventing the Preventable: Using DataQs to Improve your CSA Score
  • All About DOT Audits
  • CSA, New & Improved or Same Old, Same Old?
  • Using the Safety Management Cycle (SMC) to Manage Compliance and Improve Safety
  •  What to Expect with Trucking Regulations in 2022

WEBINAR: Protect your fleet with dashcams

Join EROAD’s VP of Video Telematics, Jim Angel, and EROAD’s Training Manager, Susan Reszczynski, to learn how dashcams can protect your fleet, assist with driver exoneration, help driver safety and coaching, and support your overall business goals.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take control of fleet safety and reduce risk with dashcams
  • What to look for in a dashcam to get the most out of your solution
  • Specifics about EROAD’s dashcam, including an overview of hardware and back office review reporting
Protect your fleet with Dashcams webinar banner - Watch Now

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Is self-certification enough?

EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

Learn why this matters

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