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Unparalleled fleet performance insights
for the modern world

Leverage the power of our fleet performance management platform
built for the Transportation, Food and Beverage, Construction, Waste and Recycling industries.

Transform Your Fleet’s Performance

Harness the power of data to enhance your fleet performance.

Simplify Tax and Compliance

End manual record keeping with solutions that automate hours-of-service (HOS), ELD, DVIR, fuel taxes and digitize key workflow and administrative functions.

Obtain Deeper Insights into Your
Cold Chain

Protect your most sensitive goods. Control every aspect of your cold chain transportation journey, from two-way reefer controls, asset tracking, driver behavior, vehicle inspections and true ETA.

Enhance Fleet Safety

Improve outcomes, reduce costs, and encourage safer journeys using video telematics and advanced driver insights.

Streamline Vehicle Maintenance & Service

Reduce costly unplanned repairs and extend the life of your fleet.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Lower fuel costs and reduce harmful emissions.

The road ahead is clear. Just ask our customers.

It all starts with CoreHub, not your average fleet telematics device.

CoreHub is the future of fleet management. Sitting discreetly inside the cab, CoreHub collects data directly from the engine management system and other connected devices and sensors to transform your vehicle into an IoT hub. Easily add an ELD, dashcam, and a series of connected wireless sensors to track and monitor door alerts, concrete mixer drum rotations, water moisture levels and more—guess less, know more.

Industries we serve

Food & Beverage

Protect your most sensitive goods and fulfill your FSMA documentation using EROAD’s advanced real-time probe-less product temperature monitoring and controls.

Transportation & Logistics

Supercharge your fleet management services with our innovative in-cab telematic gateway assurance device, driver facing applications, video telematics, and back-office platform that Fleet Managers love.


From real-time job statusing, to dispatch, inspections, compliance and ready-mix concrete monitoring – improve communication, delivery and job productivity.

Waste & Recycling

Simplify your waste program for a greener
tomorrow through accurate GPS and RFID service verification, pick-up detection, contamination reporting and preventative maintenance tracking.

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