Bringing all vehicles, assets, into one platform

Not your average telematics

Pushing the limits of engineering to deliver the future of fleet management – bringing all vehicles, and all assets, to one platform.

With a sleek and powerful design inside and out, CoreHub converts vehicle activity into actionable insights for you to run your business.

Sitting discreetly inside the cab, collecting data directly from your engine management system, while transforming your vehicle into an IoT hub. A network of connected wireless sensors track things like door alerts, concrete mixer drum rotations, water levels and more, to make guessing a thing of the past.

Ready for the tough jobs

From mountains to highways, dirt to snow, blistering heat and heavy rainfall, CoreHub was built to go where you go. For the harshest environments, we’ve added additional protection with the CoreHub Xtreme for a reliable and rugged device you can count on.

Powering the right decisions

With the power to connect everything you need into one platform, CoreHub works with multiple devices to provide your teams with the ultimate reporting. From cold-chain temperature alerts, ELD compliance and dashcam recordings – get the data you need to improve both the safety and performance of your operations.

In it for the long haul

Speed and performance have been carefully balanced to maintain charge without battery drain. CoreHub fine tunes how power flows to hardware components, maximizing efficiency, longevity and performance. Take it to the next level with solar powered panels for absolute peace of mind.

Always in the know

With more than five types of sensors, know what’s happening with every vehicle, asset, and load. Anytime, anywhere.

Extreme accuracy

With a 3-axis accelerometer, every speed and direction is tracked with such precision, even your most seasoned drivers will trust it.

Backed by experience

Made from 20 years of knowledge gained from tracking every vehicle, analyzing trips, and listening to every customer.

Safe reporting

Protect your drivers from HoS breaches with our integrated ELD compliance, while ensuring vehicle safety with customizable DVIR.

Store it all, recall it later

Maintain connection in low coverage areas as you seamlessly switch networks thanks to dual SIM card capability. For remote locations with no network available, your CoreHub will store more than two months of data and automatically upload when connectivity returns.

Say goodbye to installation fees and wait times

CoreHub has been designed with maximum uptime in mind. Compact in size, it will most mount anywhere in your cab. It’s easy and affordable to install and comes with full support. Simply plug-and-play using your vehicle diagnostics port, while Bluetooth Low Energy connects wirelessly to sensors.

Designed to grow with you

Every modern advancement has been applied to be your perfect partner for years to come. System upgrades are delivered wirelessly to ensure you continue to run the latest versions, and all new device releases maintain compatibility.

Want to learn more?

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