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How EROAD helps you manage drivers and improve safety with our driver management software

Every company wants to keep its drivers and the public safe, manage and maintain its CSA scores, and protect its reputation by ensuring a high standard of driving in company vehicles. EROAD’s driver management software helps you develop a proactive safety culture, monitoring key fleet metrics and providing actionable insights to boost fleet driver safety and performance. With tools like driver score cards and stack rank reports recognizing and rewarding safe driving is easy. Those same reports enable objective coaching for those that need it, helping you identify behaviors like speeding and harsh braking.

And the measurable benefits go above and beyond improving driving, reducing incidents and the likelihood of audits. Additional benefits include improved fuel consumption, reduced wear and tear on vehicles, reduced insurance cost, and mitigation of investigations or litigation through auditable records of your safe driving program in action. EROAD partners with you on this journey, supplying world-class technology and analytics to deliver the highest degree of accuracy and the most measurable improvements you want to drive through your fleet.

Activity reports let you analyze worker activities and productivity
Individual reports on driving behaviors aid in coaching and development
Clarity Dashcam video footage icon

All you need for easier coaching and incident investigation in one place



Coach and develop your team: use driver insight reports and in-cab video to coach your team on safe driving behaviors to help them reduce their risk of accidents and violations.


Minimize risk and reduce insurance premiums with dashcam video capture and review.


Protect your business and your drivers with accurate, reliable data.

Key fleet safety management features

EROAD’s enhanced fleet safety solution takes more frequent location readings, allowing you to see second-by-second location of your trucks and getting a highly accurate view of driver behaviors, as well as being able to recreate exactly what happened in an accident situation, protecting both your driver and business.

Fleet Safety Scoring

Monitor fleet-wide driving behavior, analyze your team of drivers, look for trends and pinpoint hot spots for safety events.

Driver Insight

Detailed reports on individual driving behaviors, safety incidents and trends for objective data-driven coaching.

Speeding Alerts

Protect your business and eliminate excessive speed with automated, customizable alerts.


More insight, more safety with EROAD Clarity Dashcam

Get a clearer picture of incidents on the road and drivers’ activities behind the wheel. EROAD offers two dual-facing camera solutions to help reduce insurance costs, identify fault in case of accidents, protect your fleet and drivers from wrongful lawsuits, and coach drivers to improve safety.


How Airport Drayage built a proactive safety culture with EROAD

“Overall EROAD helps our company and drivers be the best that they can be.”

Devyn Lomax
Vice President
Airport Drayage Co., Inc.


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