Improve fleet management, boost service and cut costs

Accurate location and activity data helps you monitor your operation, improve productivity across your business, meet service level agreements, and reduce costs and downtime.

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EROAD’s fleet management services help you cut costs and improve performance


Get visibility and control over vehicles, routes and activities on the road and in the field

Improve dispatch, verify stops and provide accurate details on arrival times

Slash costs by verifying time cards and fueling events and reducing miles driven



Better control operations: locate your drivers, assets and loads on the road or in the field


Monitor team activities: get the details you need to ensure productivity, report accurate ETAs and handle disputes


Reduce fuel costs: route drivers more efficiently, identify wasted miles and control speeds to pull fuel costs down


Easily report PTO usage: capture use of accessory equipment that impacts customer billing and fuel tax credits

Our fleet management software features

Daily Fleet Activity

A complete record of daily vehicle activity helps you monitor your fleet and meet agreed customer service levels

Geofence Site Activity

Create geofenced areas and get details on drivers’ arrival times, stop duration, PTO usage for equipment and more

Fuel Management

Reduce fuel costs through a better understanding of fuel efficiency across your vehicle fleet


Easily share vehicle and fleet information securely with customers and businesses in your supply chain

Idle Report

Improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear and tear by monitoring and reducing unnecessary idle time

Trip Investigator

Examine vehicle history from the previous day or week to ensure service levels, identify wasted miles and optimize routes

“We never kept track of off-road miles before because the paperwork was just too much. With your geofences, it’s nothing and saves us money we never could before. I think I am your biggest fan.”

Jamie Stateler
Controller & Vice President of Finance,
R.S. Davis Recycling Inc.

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