Easy, reliable, accurate fleet management solution

Connect drivers, dispatch and back office with a unified platform that helps you maximize fleet safety, performance and compliance with our tracking systems for light, mixed and heavy-duty fleets.

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EROAD’s fleet management solution helps you control costs and improve performance


Get visibility and control of all trucks, trailers and assets to manage asset position, improve dispatch and monitor activities.

Service history and maintenance alerts help you stay on top of PMs and reduce the hassles and costs of breakdowns.

Streamlined fleet maintenance management gives you tools and reports to keep your trucks rolling.

Fleet tracking and activity management

Get control of teams’ locations, routes and activities

The first step to better fleet management is knowing how your fleet is performing right now. With EROAD, you get the most accurate view of your fleet, activities, and routes. EROAD fleet tracking and activity reports give you better visibility and control of operations and fuel costs, while reducing the burdens and costs associated with manual paperwork. We take your complex fleet data and turn it into an extensive set of easy-to-use reports and dashboards that help you spot inefficiencies and provide actionable insights that help you make better decisions for your fleet and your business.


Better control operations: locate your drivers, assets and loads on the road or in the field


Monitor team activities: get the details you need to ensure productivity, report accurate ETAs and handle disputes


Reduce fuel costs: route drivers more efficiently, identify wasted miles and control speeds to pull fuel costs down


Easily report PTO usage: capture use of accessory equipment that impacts customer billing and fuel tax credits

Asset tracking and trailer tracking

Ruggedly reliable: EROAD Asset Tracker powered by Phillips Connect

Asset tracking is a vital part of fleet management. But knowing the location of the vehicles that your drivers need, is only part of the job. EROAD has partnered with best-in-class Phillips Connect to deliver a complete line of intelligent asset tracking products to help you understand inventory, utilization, and maintenance, ensuring efficiency across your business. 

EROAD Asset Tracker powered by Phillips Connect StealthNet

4G, weatherproof, and easy to install solution with options for cargo sensing, TMPS and more.


Easy reporting & robust analytics

Easy-to-use dashboards give you the data you need to make smart decisions for your business. Use templates, apply filters, add custom queries, and schedule custom reports anytime.

Maintenance scheduling

Use time, miles traveled or engine hours to schedule preventative maintenance. 

Proof of service

Arrival and departure notifications enable accurate activity records and invoices for asset utilization. Customized geofence dashboards display sensor health, status, and average dwell time.

Fleet maintenance

Stay on top of fleet health with EROAD’s fleet maintenance tools and alerts

Fleet management maintenance is a key piece of any fleet manager’s daily job. EROAD makes it easy to stay in front of PMs and maintenance tasks with tools and alerts that help you keep your trucks rolling. Simplify maintenance with automated service scheduling based on time lapsed, distance traveled or engine hours. A full service history archive allows you to easily analyze the frequency and cost of repairs and plan for the future health of your assets.

EROAD fleet management solution

Reduce repair costs: keep current on vehicle maintenance and avoid the high cost and capacity challenges of unplanned repairs

Eliminate downtime: keep your vehicles on the road by reducing the risk of breakdowns and associated drop in productivity

Improve safety: a well-maintained fleet helps you meet safety compliance, minimize risk and keep drivers happy


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