Asset tracking integrated with fleet management

Gain real-time visibility into the location, maintenance needs and usage of your trailers and equipment with EROAD Asset Tracker.

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Get your fleet on track with EROAD Asset Tracker

EROAD Asset Tracker features the ETrack Wired device. Rugged and reliable, it offers 4G connectivity, IP66 weatherproof enclosure, internal antennas for GPS and wireless, and a built-in accelerometer. A 12- or 24-volt power source runs the unit and charges the battery, and devices last up to 6 months on battery power.

One dashboard to manage all of your trucks, trailers and equipment.

Fleets typically own far more trailers and pieces of equipment than tractors, which adds serious complexity to tracking and maintaining assets and assigning loads. With EROAD Asset Tracker installed on your trailers and assets, and EROAD Ehubos in your tractors, it will be easy to manage your entire fleet while simplifying HOS compliance and improving safety and efficiency.

Our ruggedly reliable asset tracker

How EROAD Asset Tracker benefits your fleet


Easily locate trailers and equipment and provide activity reports.

Monitor usage and schedule preventative maintenance

Monitor and manage your tractors, trailers and assets from a single dashboard



Easy, consistent tracking

Whether en-route, in the yard, in detention, or in use on a customer site, you’ll always know where your trailers and assets are.


Maintenance scheduling

Use miles traveled for trailers and engine hours for other assets to schedule preventative maintenance.


Proof of service

Use map geofences, time on location and notifications of arrival and departure to provide accurate arrival/departure records and invoices for asset utilization.


Accurate and available

Multi-provider SIM provides highly accurate 4G LTE coverage.


EROAD quality warranty

Includes a one-year warranty from the time you sign up, ensuring that your assets are always under your supervision.


Ruggedly reliable

A rugged, precise and reliable package, ETrack Wired is ready for use on any powered asset – trailers, yellow iron, generators, light towers and more. 

EROAD Asset Tracker uses


Trailer Tracking

Locate trailers for loading, unloading and storage

Proof of Service

Using geofences, prove when a trailer arrived and departed customer locations

Preventative Maintenance

Track mileage and operating hours to schedule PMs, ensuring safety and longevity

Monitor Utilization

Report on utilization levels to reposition assets or reconfigure your fleet

Theft Recovery

With discrete mounting options, locate your asset before it’s long gone

Yellow Iron

Ensure well-maintained machinery monitoring hours of operation for PMs

Automate Yard Checks

Take the manual labor and paperwork out of yard checks and get reports at your fingertips for each location

Equipment Tracking

Track location of any powered asset – generators, light towers, signage and more

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The ETrack Wired asset tracker is a GPS device used to locate assets such as trailer and heavy equipment, rather than vehicles.

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