Protect your most sensitive goods

Control every aspect of your cold chain transportation journey, from two-way reefer controls, asset tracking, driver behavior, vehicle inspections and true ETA.

Driving safe food supply chains at every touch point

Ensuring quality delivery requires end-to-end journey management combining vehicle standards, safe driving practices, visual and location monitoring, multi-layered temperature controls, and the data logs to verify compliance standards.

Learn and respond in real time

Reduce claims and minimize the risk of spoiled goods by responding to alerts in real time. With alerts for everything from OEM Fault codes to ELD violations, harsh cornering and temperature variations, you’ll have confidence in the health of your assets, quality of the loads you deliver, and ability to intervene before an incident requires escalating.

Improve visibility and safeguard your goods

Instances of harsh cornering or braking can impact the appearance and quality of products on arrival – protect the condition of the goods you deliver to your customers by using dashcam footage and engine data to identify and address causes.

Advanced core product temperature verification

Use our core product temperature monitoring and control toolsets to manage FSMA compliance for reefer trailers based on returned air temperatures, or advanced FSQA with CoreTemp™. CoreTemp™ monitors core product temperatures through a network of sensors and advanced algorithms to drive outcomes like early multi-layered temperature warnings and alerts per compartment, real time route breakdowns and performance scores to keep your compliance scores high, costs low and customers happy.

Two-Way Reefer

Configure advanced remote two-way commands with options for detailed functions within trailer compartments or assets.

Asset Monitoring

Increase utilization and save on fuel costs by visualizing assets in our fleet management platform. Identify unutilized assets with dwell time filtering. Identify and leverage our advanced geofencing capabilities, and act on pre-cooling inefficiencies, whether the reefer and assets are on or off.

Advanced Door Alerts

Single and multi-door sensors with door activity alerts and reporting help prevent temperature excursions from escaped air.

Event notifications

Customizable trigger-based alerts inform you of everything from excessive g-force, low battery to reefer fuel levels and pre-defined threshold breach temperatures.

Track, trace and playback

Real-time GPS location tracking gives you visibility of your assets and detailed playback of important alerts, geofence data, and temperature data. Changes in critical status areas of temperature, reefer mode, manufacturer alarms and geofence will immediately trigger GPS position against the alert for detailed incident records.

Get better insights

From HoS violations, Fault Codes to MPG and incident reporting, make better decisions with high-definition contextual data. For deep analysis of cold chain controls, the integrated pre-cool compliance and efficiency platform offers cross-fleet comparison of pre-cool durations, equipment health by reefer trailer and temperature compliance.

Ready for what’s next?

Companies all over the world use our solutions to deliver refrigerated goods and temperature sensitive cargo safely. Contact us to learn how EROAD can help you reduce lost loads and improve food safety.

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