EROAD Clarity Fleet Dashcam

Get a clearer picture of incidents on the road and drivers’ activities behind the wheel with integrated video and fleet data.

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A dashboard camera that gives you the clarity you’ve been missing

Improve fleet safety icon

Protect your drivers and your business from wrongful lawsuits

Save on insurance and repair costs

Use video footage as a high impact coaching tool to improve driver performance

Reduce accidents, and the time required to investigate them

The EROAD Clarity Dashcam combines full HD video with accurate telematics data

More insight, More safety. Watch the video below to find out more.

A dashcam solution for every fleet

Clarity Connected

Dual-facing fleet dashcam system that Integrates full HD video with EROAD’s industry-leading ELD and driver behavior data.

Clarity Solo

Single-device camera solution for light trucks and vans, construction equipment, and HOS-exempt heavy vehicles. Click here to learn more


Key EROAD Clarity features

See more of what’s happening, but only when you need to.

The dual-facing fleet dashcam system is fully integrated with EROAD’s industry-leading ELD and fleet management portal and requires no action on the driver’s part. The fleet dashcam starts recording automatically with ignition on so driver’s can’t forget. And fast, automatic upload of video clips – sent to the cloud based on driving triggers (harsh acceleration, braking, cornering or an actual accident) – need no driver involvement.

Footage can also be retrieved as needed, and the driver can record and send video on demand. When no events occur, EROAD Clarity simply overwrites itself, and your team can keep on trucking.

Each automatically uploaded video clip is 20 seconds, capturing the triggering moment plus 10 seconds before and after, both inside and outside the vehicle – or just outside, depending on your company’s needs and policies. You also have the option to record audio (set to OFF by default), and lens caps afford privacy to drivers who wish to sleep in their cab in auxiliary mode.


EROAD Clarity dashcam

Small, rugged device does not clutter the cockpit or impede the driver’s field of vision


Tamper-proof and built to last in the extreme conditions and temperatures found in truck cabs


Records continuously, even when out of coverage

Van Fleet

Clarity Solo Dashcam: Cloud video and telematics combined in a single device

EROAD’s all-in-one fleet dashcam combined with GPS tracking helps you track daily activities and boost safety & efficiency. This cost-effective solution delivers powerful data to help you manage your light or non-regulated vehicles.

  • Light Trucks and Vans
  • Construction Equipment
  • HOS-Exempt Heavy Trucks

Key MyEROAD REPLAY features

All you need for easier coaching and incident investigation in one place

  • Easy way to access video for exoneration and driver coaching
  • Review events on the EROAD portal within seconds when camera is in coverage
  • Speed up incident investigations with video, event logs, HOS and vehicle maintenance data in one interface
  • Use video and driver behavior data for impactful coaching and rewards
  • 40 hours of video can be retrieved remotely from the EROAD web portal
  • Tag events as “to be coached”, “to review”, “coached” and “reviewed” to streamline safety review and coaching workflows
  • Share events easily with your team for review; download and share with third parties involved in investigations
MyEROAD Replay Video

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