EROAD Clarity Solo

All-in-one dashcam with GPS tracking to boost safety and efficiency across your fleet.

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Cloud video and telematics combined in a single device

EROAD icon Clarity Solo Dashcam

Dual facing camera with built in GPS tracking

EROAD icon video footage

Powerful HD footage for driver exoneration

EROAD icon Single connected device multiple functions

Single connected device with multiple functions

EROAD icon GPS transmitter

Reliable and real-time GPS for easy tracking

EROAD icon Cloud with logo

Cloud connected with easy video review

EROAD icon Harsh Braking

Easily coach drivers with auto-captured safety events and driver ranking

Introducing EROAD Clarity Solo

EROAD’s all-in-one fleet dashcam combined with GPS tracking helps you track daily activities and capture the moments that matter. Watch the video to learn more.

Designed with your entire fleet in mind

Whatever the size, type or use of your vehicles, Clarity Solo can help you boost safety, efficiency, and visibility across your entire fleet. Easy to install and easy to use, the dashcam sits discreetly on the windshield to capture wide-angle, high-quality video day and night. Customized to your fleet, you can choose front or front and driver facing video and optional audio.

Flexible. Configurable. No ELD Required.

Van Fleet

Light vehicles


Non-regulated vehicles


Construction vehicles


Heavy vehicles

Powerful data and complete fleet visibility

EROAD Clarity Solo uses GPS tracking paired with HD video to deliver powerful insights that help you better manage lights trucks and vans, construction equipment and non-regulated vehicles.

Clarity Solo in action

Small, rugged device records continuously, even when out of range.


Video clips automatically uploaded with seconds based on harsh acceleration, braking and cornering events.


Identify and coach at-risk drivers with driver leaderboard and safety tools.

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See what your drivers see with every safety event

With MyEROAD Replay you can easily search for what you need, when you need it, when it matters.

  • See every vehicle and drill down for detail on status, speed and activities.
  • Easily review driver activities and incidents for driver coaching and exoneration.
  • Video clips automatically triggered and uploaded to MyEROAD when harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering events occur.
  • Tag events as “to be coached”, “to review”, “coached” and “reviewed” to streamline safety review and coaching workflows.
  • Share events easily with your team for review; download and share with third parties involved in investigations.
  • Replay routes taken and see safety events during the trip.
  • Use geofences to track when vehicles enter and exit and the duration of stay in the area.
  • Monitor operations, ensure productivity, provide accurate ETAs. 
MyEROAD Replay Video

Contactless driver logon so you know who is doing what

With EROAD Clarity Solo’s contactless NFC driver logon you can easily associate all video and telematics data to specific drivers. Choose from a fob, sticker or card to equip your drivers with easy sign-on.

EROAD Clarity Solo integrated nfc reader


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