Protect your fleet with video telematics

Boost safety through impactful driver coaching and protect your fleet from false claims with integrated video and fleet data.
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Improve Driver Safety with Real-Time Insight with Video Telematics

Track and monitor all activity in our cloud-based fleet performance management portal and mobile app. Easily access the information you need for coaching and incident investigation.

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Protect your drivers and your business from wrongful lawsuits

Save on insurance and truck repair costs

Monitor driver behavior and improve performance

Reduce accidents across your fleet and spend less time investigating

“We’ve had a few accidents where if it wasn’t for the cameras, we probably would have been found at fault.”

Brett Spicer
International Wood Products

Video telematics solutions built with your fleet in mind

Driver Adjusting EROAD Clarity Get Dashcam

EROAD Clarity Get

Benefit from the powerful features of EROAD Clarity Dashcam, but only pay for the footage you need. EROAD Clarity Get combines high-definition video, GPS, driver behavior and fleet tracking data onto a single video telematics device, allowing you to enhance safety, efficiency and visibility across your fleet, no matter the size or type.

EROAD Clarity Solo Camera Attached to Dashboard

EROAD Clarity Solo

This powerful all-in-one video telematics device delivers cloud video, GPS location and driver behavior data. EROAD Clarity Solo is a standalone multi-sensor camera and is a great option for light- and medium-duty vehicles, last-mile delivery fleets, construction equipment and HOS-exempt heavy trucks.

EROAD Clarity Connected In-Cab Camera Attached to Dashboard

EROAD Clarity Connected

An in-cab camera that integrates with the EROAD ELD to provide GPS location and driver behavior data. The EROAD Clarity Connected in-cab camera provides visual context to what happens on the road for better driver coaching, incident investigation and driver exoneration.

“Nuclear verdicts that reach seven or eight figures drive up insurance costs and potentially put a company out of business. If cameras stop one of those, they’ve paid for themselves.”

Chris Freeman
Bettendorf Trucking

Video telematics solutions that give you the clarity you’ve been missing

Easy-to-access cloud video from an EROAD Clarity Dashcam can help you protect your business, reduce safety events, prevent accidents and exonerate your drivers.

High Def Video Camera Recording

High-definition video

HD video for the road and configurable on/off driver-facing wide-angle lenses ensure all events are recorded – day or night.

MyEROAD Reporting Dashboard

Real-time reporting

Easily and securely review videos in MyEROAD, our cloud-based fleet management platform. Associate events to the vehicle location. Track idle times, fuel usage and utilization metrics, too.

Harsh Event Warning Sign

Automatically trigger harsh events

Records 20-second clips triggered by key safety events: harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering. No action is required from your drivers. An included push button lets drivers record and send videos manually when they feel the need.

Hands Free Camera

Hands free

The camera turns on with ignition and all data is sent to MyEROAD in real-time. Safety events are automatically recorded for easy investigation.

Cloud Upload for Fleets

Records out-of-coverage

Automatically uploads video when back in range.

Driving Trainer for Fleets

Training and coaching

Track driver behavior and performance on a safety leaderboard in MyEROAD. Celebrate your successes and integrate driving coaching into your training program.

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