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ELD Safety and Compliance

EROAD Assist Mobile App

Making the most of your drivers’ time while still ensuring safety and compliance are key to running a successful transportation business. That’s why we developed EROAD Assist, an easy-to-use mobile app that lets drivers access information and complete a wide range of electronic logging device (ELD) functions while away from their cab.

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How EROAD Assist Works

Perform ELD functions, away from the cab

EROAD Assist allows drivers to perform many ELD functions from a convenient app, including change duty status, view hours of service counters, view log graph and events, and certify uncertified logs from the past 180 days.

Easily conduct vehicle inspections

Drivers can use EROAD Assist to easily conduct pre- and post-trip inspections (DVIR), record defects, capture images and easily send data to safety and maintenance personnel.

View leaderboard and improve performance

EROAD Assist gives drivers access to EROAD Leaderboard data related to their driving performance, including company and industry rankings, driving trends for the last seven days, safety events triggered during that day such as speeding, harsh acceleration and hard braking, and driving stats for the past four weeks including safety events, idling, distance traveled and more.

Fleet Management Performance

MyEROAD Mobile App

MyEROAD mobile app, puts the power of the MyEROAD fleet management portal on your mobile phone or tablet. The MyEROAD app gives fleet managers a new level of convenience and flexibility.

How MyEROAD Mobile Works

Track and manage fleet activity

With the MyEROAD app, you can view maps and manage geofences from your mobile device anywhere with a network connection. Use the app to see vehicle locations, vehicle journeys and estimated arrival times.

Monitor driver activity, review video footage and communicate with drivers

The app allows you to message drivers and view hours of service (HOS) counters. EROAD Clarity Dashcam users can also use the MyEROAD app to view and manage video footage.

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