The Future of Cold Chain Assurance

CoreTemp is revolutionizing product temperature and delivery compliance
throughout the cold chain.

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This is product assurance and compliance like you have never seen before.

Customers and consumers demand the highest standards of product quality and safety, particularly for fresh food and temperature sensitive medications. Distributors and carriers trust CoreTemp to help them meet these obligations and fulfill their Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) documentation requirements.

CoreTemp uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to predict the core temperature of your products with incredible accuracy – all in real-time. CoreTemp removes the need for manual temperature probing, which is susceptible to error due to inaccurate human positioning and difficulty downloading the data necessary to protect your cargo and stay compliant.

Our award-winning technology has been developed with some of the biggest consumer brands and their cold chain distribution partners. This shared platform gives carrier’s full control of their cold chain distribution network and gives their customers real-time visibility into route compliance, product temperatures and a full suite of dashboards CoreTemp users are using tomorrow’s cold chain technology to drive positive change in their processes today.

Live Product Temperature Tracking

CoreTemp monitors core product temperatures through a network of sensors and advanced algorithms to drive actionable insights like early multi-layered temperature warnings and alerts per compartment, real-time route breakdowns and performance scores to keep your compliance scores high, costs low and customers happy.

Product Specific Algorithms

CoreTemp’s advanced algorithms account for multiple factors – the physical product type, the packaging method and the unit of transportation. CoreTemp combines these factors to provide a holistic view of your transported goods.

Alert Notifications

Get the right information to those who need it. Integrate configurable alerts tailored to your specific thresholds to catch issues before they become problems.

Route Reporting

CoreTemp pairs your routes with detailed product information to streamline compliance reporting, giving you and your customer visibility into route progress, temperature compliance and exceptions.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards that showcase performance scores and rankings across divisions to improve your cold chain operations, route performance, compartment compliance, and your regulatory needs.

Co-developed by shippers and distributors to promote transparency

Automate manual processes to ensure cargo stays fresh and compliant

Unlock superior outcomes to prevent issues before they occur

“The algorithm works flawlessly. Everyone wants to make sure they know that the core temperature of their products is compliant. Being able to build on air temperature reading by receiving actual product temperature will allow us to communicate to our customer that they are receiving the highest quality of product every time.”
Larkin Williams, General Manager – QCD

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