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The team here at EROAD is always working to improve and enhance the technology tools that you use every day to ensure safe, efficient and profitable operations – both today and into the future.

This quarter, we made several updates to our MyEROAD and Core360 fleet management platforms. Here’s what we’ve been working on:


  • Automated review of unidentified driving events
  • IFTA reporting enhancements
  • Clarity Dashcam driver coaching improvements
  • Expanded local storage for Clarity Dashcam
  • Map enhancements tailored for fleet managers and dispatchers (coming in early Feb)


  • Video telematics available for Core360 customers (coming in early Feb)
  • New integrations for transportation, cold chain and construction

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Tax and Compliance

Automatically Flag and Close Unidentified Driving Events

Slash the time it takes you to resolve unidentified driving records and ensure regulatory compliance with this ELD automation feature that lets you automatically flag, review and properly annotate unidentified driving time that occurs within yards.

To activate this feature, contact EROAD’s support team.

Allocate Degraded Miles to IFTA Reports

Streamline the process for allocating degraded (missing) miles for IFTA reporting by eliminating the need for paper recordkeeping. This feature, which is available with EROAD’s TotalTax and TotalFleet plans, allows you to:

  • Efficiently identify trips with missing miles
  • Easily allocate degraded miles to those trips
  • Quickly update or delete previously allocated miles

Driver Safety

Assign Coaching Actions to Videos in Bulk

Increase the efficiency and consistency of your driver coaching program with this Clarity Dashcam feature that lets you assign coaching actions to multiple videos in bulk. Quickly manage numerous video events from the MyEROAD Replay dashboard by selecting the desired videos and assigning a new status via the “bulk actions” dropdown menu on the upper right of the screen.

Receive Daily Email Digest for Video Events

Get a driver safety snapshot and identify driving trends and behaviors that need to be addressed more easily with a single daily email that includes all triggered video events for the previous 24-hours. See what is happening across your fleet every day without having to log into MyEROAD.

To subscribe to this email notification, users who have access to the Dashcam Management page will need to activate the “Events” toggle within the Settings tab on the Dashcam management page. This feature is only available for Clarity Solo and Connected customers.

Expanded Storage and Uninterrupted Insight

Clarity Dashcam now supports a 256 GB SD card, providing two times the local storage as our standard cards. The 256 GB card doubles the amount of footage that can be stored on Clarity: up to 100 hours for front-facing cameras (compared to 50 hours with the standard card) and up to 80 hours for front- and driver-facing configurations (compared to 40 hours). The expanded local storage provides greater peace of mind and protection, ensuring that all critical events are captured – even when vehicles are out of cellular service. Contact your sales representative to upgrade to the 256 GB SD card.

Operational Transformation

Coming in Early February

Enhancements are on the way for the MyEROAD map, featuring new truck-related points of interest and additional elements tailored for fleet managers and dispatchers. Follow-up communications will happen in February.


Driver Safety

Protect Your Fleet with Video Telematics (Coming in Early Feb)

EROAD’s Clarity Connected Dashcam will be available to Core360 customers, bringing the many benefits of video telematics to CoreHub users. Clarity provides HD video recording when triggered by a safety event or a driver presses the in-cab manual recording button. Road-facing and road- and driver-facing configurations are available. And Clarity works while out of coverage, automatically uploading videos when back in range.

Key Clarity Dashcam benefits include:

  • Quickly determining fault in an accident
  • Exonerating your drivers
  • Protecting your business from legal claims
  • Potential insurance savings
  • More impactful driver coaching

Partners and Integrations


Integrating EROAD telematics on vehicles maintained by Penske supports faster, proactive fleet maintenance – keeping vehicles on the road and reducing downtime and costs – and expands visibility and ROI for EROAD customers by improving preventive maintenance schedules, expediting roadside assistance, and getting alerted proactively when a vehicle needs a repair.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced maintenance: Proactively schedule service by monitoring fault codes to improve vehicle uptime and reduce costs.
  • Expedited roadside assistance: Penske’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance team can view and be notified of vehicle location, diagnostics, productivity measures and more.

Thermo King

The Core360 fleet management platform has been integrated with Thermo King’s TracKing telematics equipment, which has been standard on Thermo King’s Precedent refrigeration trailer units since 2018. This integration provides EROAD customers with easy access to crucial operational and performance data for their TracKing-equiped trailers.

Key features include:

  • Increased visibility: Visualize temperature data, monitor alarms and use two-way reefer micro-control through the Core360 platform.
  • Cost effective: No new hardware or installations are required to take advantage of this integration.
  • Streamline compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance, improve customer service and reduce lost loads with real-time temperature and trailer health data.


For construction customers, streamline communication between drivers using EROAD’s Drive application and dispatchers using the BCMI dispatch system. Job details are sent directly to a driver’s tablet, reducing the amount of hardware and technology drivers need to use. Job status updates from drivers are sent back to the BCMI system. In addition to streamlining job workflow, this integration allows text messages from dispatchers to be sent directly to the drivers’ tablets, keeping them informed of critical updates.

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