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EROAD’s telematics for fleet management: Ehubo

EROAD sets the standard for regulatory compliance and ease of use. The user-friendly, in-vehicle device features an intuitive touchscreen and synchronizes with the engine to automatically record hours of service.

The device stores and continuously transmits encrypted data via the cellular network using multiple providers, ensuring optimum connectivity. Distance, location, route and a variety of additional operational data from the vehicle is automatically recorded. Specifically designed to be tamper-evident, operate at a wide range of temperatures and consume very little energy.

Independently verified ELD

To ensure that the EROAD ELD solution is FMCSA compliant we employed the services of transportation research and engineering experts, PIT Group, to provide third-party verification of our ELD solution. While some ELD suppliers choose to self-certify their technologies, EROAD took this approach because we value unbiased verification of our technology.

PIT Group’s methodology was to test and document results against the FMCSA’s test procedures and mimic the approach that would be taken by the FMCSA as if the ELD provider is subject to an investigation or audit.

After thorough and rigorous testing and verification of the EROAD ELD according to the FMCSA’s test procedure, PIT Group confirms that EROAD’s ELD meets the FMCSA’s functional requirements.

Hours of service benefits

Verified compliant ELD

The EROAD Ehubo makes hours of service record keeping easier, faster and more accurate

Automatic recordkeeping

Assists drivers in monitoring hours of service with in-vehicle guidance, helping you ensure a violation-free workforce.

Intuitive for the driver

Get up and running quickly with minimal training and keep your valuable drivers happy.

Easy roadside inspections

Get back on the road faster with very reliable eRODS data transfer to enforcement officers.

Exemption management

Provide drivers only the exemptions that they need right on the device – preventing unnecessary exemption confusion.

Secure logbook

Drivers can access logs easily to edit and certify, and review assigned driving events from the back-office.

“I recommend EROAD to everyone I talk to. Why? 1. Accuracy. 2. Customer service. 3. The all-in-one unit. There’s no lag time waiting on a Bluetooth device. With EROAD when you push a button something happens. You don’t have to wait.”


Cyrel Moore, Safety & Compliance Manager,
B & R Reliable Transport

Fleet technology benefits

Tethered device

Connected directly into your engine’s diagnostic port, accurate data collection happens without the worry of Bluetooth connection issues.

Reliable GSM connectivity

Encrypted data is transmitted via the cellular network using multiple providers, ensuring optimum connectivity.

Ensure safe driving

Automatically tracks hard braking and speed, giving you the opportunity to coach driver behavior.

Portable ELD

Unique Driver Portal allows drivers to change duty status away from vehicle allowing enhanced driver flexibility.

Automatic updates

Updates occur automatically, over-the-air using the cellular network in the background – no switching SIM cards or unwieldy maintenance headaches.

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Is self-certification enough?

EROAD’s ELD solution is certified by the PIT Group, an independent testing organization, and meets FMCSA requirements.

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