CoreHub Xtreme

Our Next Generation Cold Chain Assurance Gateway

Deliver loads with confidence

CoreHub Xtreme is a next-generation ruggedized IoT gateway that empowers fleet operators to monitor and control the efficiency and safety of their cold chain fleets within a single dashboard. Achieve true temperature control over multiple compartments inside a single reefer trailer using our CoreTemp™ technology. Know in real-time when issues related to the driver, truck or trailer arise and be confident you have the data and tools to help avoid lost loads, safety incidents and costly maintenance.

Ensure food safety and reduce lost loads

Have confidence in the quality of loads you deliver. Reduce lost loads, claims, and lost revenue when you use contextual data from CoreHub Xtreme’s expanding network of door, temperature, fuel and humidity sensors paired with our CoreTemp™ technology to achieve true temperature control. Futureproof your fleet with an always expanding suite of sensors and tools to assist with FSMA compliance.

Boost trailer and reefer health

Boost fleet health and save maintenance costs by monitoring trailer ABS/EBS, engine fault codes, tire pressure and more. Have a pulse on your fleet’s location and regulatory compliance with our two-way reefer commands and fleet management platform. Diagnose faults on your refrigeration units and create a preventative maintenance schedule using DVIRs and custom digital checklists for further savings.

Increase fuel savings and asset utilization

Increase fuel savings and reduce carbon emissions across your entire fleet with remote pre-cooling and data analytics that help increase efficiencies around bulkhead management and switch-on time while your reefer is on or off. Know with certainty how and where your equipment was used – whether it’s cold storage, dry goods or even lost trailers. Our idle reports, advanced geofencing, and prioritized alerts can deliver rapid ROI from reduced time and cost savings.

Putting you in control of your cold chain

Simplify compliance

Real time product temperature readings and two-way reefer control help keep you compliant with FSMA regulations. Configure custom alerts that give you the information you need to know and prevent problems.

Tough, dependable design

Whether traversing mountains, deserts, highways or city streets, stay connected, compliant and in control – CoreHub Xtreme is tested to keep performing anywhere from -40 to 158 ° F.

Integrate with major brands

Get real time visibility, operational information and remote control with our unparalleled integration with Thermo King, MAERSK Star Cool, AEM All-Electric refrigeration units, and our rapidly expanding integration network.

One device for all your needs

Integrating seamlessly with our fleet management platform, CoreHub Xtreme supports all your needs. From vehicle tracking, geofences and ELD as well as integration with Drive, our in-cab mobile app with integrated jobs workflow, navigation and messaging.

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