Case Study

International Wood Products Uses EROAD Clarity Dashcam to Protect Business, Increase Safety

Business Need

International Wood Products (IWP) is a distributor of building materials with facilities in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. IWP wanted to add dash cams to its fleet to protect itself and its drivers in the event of accidents and to strengthen its safety culture through more impactful driver coaching.

“The biggest thing that we’ve found is that on the road it’s my word against yours. How incidents are recalled through memory or documentation can be subjective,” said Brett Spicer, IWP’s transportation safety manager. “Cameras clearly show the good, bad or indifferent of what happened on the road, allowing us to either move on, close cases, exonerate our drivers or take corrective action if need be.”



After disappointing experiences with off-the-shelf dash cams, IWP was looking for a dependable, user-friendly and easy-to-install camera solution backed by a strong customer support team. After considering multiple options, the company decided to add EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam to its entire truck fleet.



Business and driver protection

Clarity Connected, which automatically sends video clips to the cloud-based MyEROAD portal when triggered by a safety event, has provided video evidence that quickly exonerated IWP drivers “multiple times” since the implementation, Spicer said.

“We’ve had a few accidents where if it wasn’t for the cameras, we probably would have been found at fault just because of how it hit the vehicle or the location of the vehicle,” he said.

IWP drivers are also using the cameras proactively, Spicer said, by using the manual trigger button to capture footage of events on the road, such as erratic driving and being cut off by another vehicle.

“They can use it to their advantage and for their protection,” he said.


Driver coaching and accident prevention

Clarity Connected has enhanced driver coaching, according to Spicer, by providing video footage that removes the ambiguity that often surrounds safety events on the road.

“It allows us to hold them accountable, but also to not falsely accuse them of something that they weren’t doing,” he said. “If someone calls in about a driver and says they were driving erratically, we can see if that was or wasn’t the case. We found that it works to our drivers’ advantage more than anything else, as opposed to a way to get them in trouble.”

Clarity Connected has also helped with accident prevention, Spicer said, by providing video footage of safety events that help IWP identify driving trends that could lead to accidents in the future.

“We’ve had great success with it,” Spicer said of Clarity Dashcam. “I think overall it’s going to help with insurance in the long term, prevent accidents and just make our drivers better.”


A Dash Cam Solution for Every Fleet

Whatever the size, type or use of your fleet, EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam products are designed to bring you all of the benefits of fleet dash cams. Clarity Connected integrates with the EROAD ELD to add HD video footage to actionable telematics data. Clarity Solo is an all-in-one device that provides video, telematics and GPS in a single unit for light, mixed and non-regulated fleets.




“We’ve had great success with [EROAD Clarity Dashcam]. I think overall it’s going to help with insurance in the long term, prevent accidents and just make our drivers better.”

Brett Spicer
International Wood Products

International Wood Products

Based in Clackamas, Oregon, International Wood Products is a distributor of building materials. Founded in 1995, IWP has facilities in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington and a fleet of about 55 trucks.