Discussions about fleet management technology and reefer monitoring often revolve around hours-of-service compliance and the rules and regulations for hauling food and other perishable products. Both are certainly important considerations, as motor carriers that do not adhere to these regulations jeopardize putting their fleet operations at risk.  

However, dynamic fleet technology can also give carriers a competitive edge by increasing operational efficiency, helping them realize a greater ROI, reduce waste and lost loads, and build customer satisfaction and loyalty – all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

In this article, we’ll run through some of the ways that fleet management tools and advanced reefer telematics can make you stand out among your competitors. 


Ensure Compliance and Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Reefer Telematics 

Advanced reefer telematics gives you deep, real-time visibility into the status of your loads during a trip. Far beyond just providing the temperature of a refrigerated trailer, solutions like EROAD’s CoreHub Xtreme paired with our CoreTemp technology, which is powered by artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, let you know the temperature of the actual products being hauled by compartment and beyond. Additionally, settings can be pre-configured to automate and ensure compliance with regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

Combined with two-way reefer commands for a broad range of functions, including reefer on/off, return air and set point, as well as door alerts and event notifications, CoreHub Xtreme simplifies ensuring the safety and quality of the cargo being hauled. The result: regulatory compliance, safe and successful delivery of cargo, and happy customers. 


Increase Efficiency with Fleet Management Technology 

Fleet management technology provides the tools you need to increase operational efficiency and ensure that loads are consistently delivered on time, maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

In-cab technology plays a big part in this, enabling drivers to access features like truck-specific navigation, hands-free, speech-to-text messaging functionality, workflow management, electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) and more. In addition to helping drivers get to their destinations on time, these tools support overall fleet health by making it easy to track and schedule routine and preventative maintenance, lowering the risk of costly, unplanned repairs. 


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Build Strong Customer Relationships through Sharing Real-time Information 

CoreHub Xtreme allows you to easily share important information with your clients. Providing details like location and temperature history proves to customers that you are handling their cargo in a safe, efficient way, helping to build trust and giving them confidence that you will get the job done correctly. 

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Gain a Competitive Edge with Advanced Reefer Telematics

by | Jan 30, 2023 |

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