The ability to monitor and control a trailer’s refrigeration unit from a remote location has been a huge leap forward in reefer management and cold chain logistics.  

Two-way controls that allow fleet managers to receive notifications, change temperature set points, turn units on and off, automate operations and much more have helped carriers hauling perishable goods ensure the safety of their loads, stay in compliance with regulations and improve customer satisfaction – making remote reefer monitoring and control cornerstones of any comprehensive reefer management solution. 


Automatic Data Recording Streamlines Compliance 

Receiving accurate, real-time temperature data from trailers – even specific compartments within trailers – from any geographical location takes a lot of the work out of ensuring compliance. Additionally, the ability to automate and control reefers from anywhere improves the safety of temperature-sensitive loads. 

  • Data is automatically recorded, removing the need for onsite reporting and unnecessary paperwork while still complying with Food Safety Modernization Act regulations. 
  • Custom alerts sent via email or SMS let you know when action is required, helping you get ahead of reefer management issues before they result in potentially rejected loads. 
  • Two-way reefer controls empower you to act quickly, regardless of your location, to ensure deliveries arrive safely at their destinations, preventing waste and potentially lost revenue. 


Real-time Monitoring Builds Customer Confidence 

Being able to share relevant information with your clients, such as trailer location, real-time temperature and temperature history, builds trust and confidence. Such information allows them to see the details of their load, that the correct temperature is consistently maintained, and how far away it is so they can prepare for its arrival. 


Remote Pre-Cooling of Trailers Saves Time and Money 

Remote pre-cooling has also changed the way that cold chain logistics operate.  

  • Time and money are saved because you don’t need personnel onsite to manually turn on a refrigerated unit before its journey.  
  • Remotely pre-configuring temperature settings reduces the chance of driver input errors, helping to avoid issues with compliance and spoiled loads.  
  • Having access to historical data from across your fleet can help you measure the success and costs associated with your pre-cooling procedures, helping you make informed business decisions to increase efficiencies and cut costs going forward. 



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Remote Monitoring and Controls Are Crucial to Reefer Management

by | Feb 6, 2023 |

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