Turn complex fleet data into better fleet performance

Easy-to-use tools and reports that help you better manage and make decisions to improve safety, compliance and performance.

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One platform for a wide range of needs

Count on EROAD’s fleet solutions to take care of all your needs. EROAD is a technology partner with services to meet your needs as your fleet grows, from fleet tracking, fleet telematics and fleet maintenance, to driver safety, ELD compliance and IFTA reporting.

Fleet Management

Good fleet management starts with great fleet data, and EROAD gives you consistent, precise data on your fleet operations. With reliable connectivity and high resolution monitoring, you can finally have an accurate view of your fleet, activities, and routes.

  • Verify routes, stops made and time at customer sites
  • Improve dispatch and provide accurate ETAs
  • Eliminate time wasted tracking down workers and loads

Safety and Compliance

EROAD’s easy-to-use interface for drivers and superior connectivity and data accuracy helps you stay in compliance and boost the safety of your team behind the wheel.

  • Easy-to-use interface for drivers requires minimal training and helps workers stay in compliance.
  • Driver behavior reports help you identify risky workers and recognize those that operate safely.
  • EROAD’s ELD sets the standard for Hours of Service compliance.

Driver Management

It’s never been more critical to manage and develop good drivers. EROAD simplifies how you manage your driver certifications, and gives you the data you need to coach workers to become safe drivers you can count on.

  • Activity reports let you analyze worker activities and productivity
  • Individual reports on driving behaviors aid in coaching and development
  • Store driver certifications and licenses, search by them, and get alerts on upcoming renewals

Tax Reporting and IRP

EROAD lets you eliminate the hassles of data collection, report generation and records retention. Reporting for IFTA, Oregon WMT and IRP that used to take hours can be done in minutes. Plus, no more trip reports for drivers!

  • Dramatically cut admin time and paperwork to manage tax filings
  • Safeguard against audit assessments
  • Where applicable, easily capture fuel tax rebates with easy off-highway mileage reporting

Fleet Health

Proactive maintenance is essential to operating a healthy, efficient fleet. EROAD’s service module simplifies PMs and gives you easy tools to help you keep your trucks rolling.

  • Create service schedules for vehicles based on time lapsed, miles traveled or engine hours
  • Scheduled service reports and notifications help you stay on top of PMs
  • Easy-to-use utilization report enables quick rebalancing

Asset Tracking

Keeping track of all the assets owned by any fleet can be a challenge. The EROAD Asset Tracker is designed to help you keep tabs on every asset in your fleet – trailers, yellow iron, generators and more – using the same online tool you use to track your vehicles.

  • Track trailer locations, whether en-route, parked at a customer bay, or waiting for use in the yard
  • Prove delivery with geofences and automated notifications for when your assets arrive and depart
  • Gain insight into asset mileage and running hours, enabling you to schedule appropriate maintenance for optimal safety

EROAD technology partners

We partner with industry-leading solutions who extend the power of EROAD’s fleet management solution – improving the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your fleet.

Accuracy, consistency, ease of use

These are the hallmarks of EROAD solutions, and they make all the difference when it comes to improving your compliance, safety and operational efficiency.