When it comes to the telematics technology that you depend on to ensure regulatory compliance, protect your fleet and improve operations, much consideration is given to things like product features and technical specifications. To be sure, those are key factors to take into account – selecting easy-to-install, easy-to-use, reliable and durable technology products is crucial to enjoying the full range of benefits that telematics can offer.

But there’s another important thing to keep in mind when choosing technology for your fleet. And that’s the company behind the technology. There are plenty of differences between a mere vendor and a telematics partner. And those differences can have a big impact on your telematics ROI.

Spoiler alert: You want a telematics partner. Keep reading to discover why.


A Telematics Partner Seeks to Understand Your Business

Every business is unique. A true telematics partner understands that fact and will invest time to learn how your business operates, what unique challenges you face and what your operation needs for it to be successful. From the outset, a partner seeks to lay the groundwork for an ongoing relationship to support you today and in the future as your business grows and changes. Vendors, on the other hand, are looking to move product and then move along to the next potential sale.


A Partner Tailors Solutions to Your Challenges

A vendor supplies a product. A telematics partner – based on their understanding of your operations – provides a solution to address your specific challenges. It’s a huge difference. The former is more likely to pitch a one-size-fits all solution that may not really be a solution at all, while the latter works with you and your existing systems to implement a solution tailored to fit your organization. A telematics partner is invested in your ongoing success and continually innovates to meet changing circumstances and new challenges.


A Partner Provides Superior Support

Your job is to manage a fleet, not manage fleet technology. That’s why great, ongoing customer support is so important. And that’s an area where a vendor may fall short, and where a telematics partner can really shine. From installation and driver training to regulatory updates and other changes like the 3G shutdown, a partner is there to ensure that you’re covered.


EROAD: Solutions You Can Count on. A Partner You Can Trust

EROAD is a telematics partner that learns how your operation works and delivers solutions to meet your unique needs. Our telematics devices – including a highly rated ELD, dash cams, asset and trailer trackers and more – are easy to use, reliable and rugged, supplying the data and insights you need to run a safe, efficient and compliant fleet. And they are all backed by our superior customer support. We know how complex your business is, and we want to ensure that you get the ROI you expect from a telematics solution. EROAD is a partner you can count on.


Here’s what our customers have to say about EROAD:

  • “If you want a reliable, rugged, easy-to-use device with awesome back-office software and excellent customer support, EROAD is where you need to go.”
  • “This is the best system. The support people on the team are the greatest.”
  • “Save yourself the money and the hassle of buying any other inferior product and just pick the best in the industry: EROAD.”

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Why You Need a Telematics Partner (Not Just a Vendor)

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