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More than an ELD, a total fleet management solution

Stay in compliance with features such as Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) reporting and more. Quickly and easily scale your ELD into a total IoT fleet management solution as your business needs change. Boost safety through improved driver coaching, protect your fleet with in-cab video and transform your fleet operations with actionable data from our growing sensor network.

Prevent HOS violations and stay in compliance

EROAD’s intuitive ELD solutions simplify compliance, letting drivers monitor their hours in real time to prevent hours of service (HOS) violations. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registered and third-party verified, our ELDs automatically collect and transmit data securely and help facilitate easier roadside inspections.

Streamline operations with configurable rules and geofencing

Track vehicle activity in the areas that matter to your business. Flexible, geofence-enabled rulesets let you adhere to your company’s policies while remaining FMCSA compliant. Use custom rules to separate out statuses such as Yard Move and only count the hours that matter.

Create alerts and communicate with drivers

Improve response and mitigation times for both drivers and managers with custom alerts for critical focus areas. Avoid hours of service violations, receive driver notifications for specialized ruleset limits like Short Haul and border crossings. Choose between email, SMS, messaging tab, pop-ups or push alerts.

Make your road to ELD compliance as smooth as possible

We offer two solutions, providing excellent flexibility for fleets of all types and sizes.

Our stand-alone, rugged, in-cab device

The Ehubo ELD simplifies compliance. Intuitive and driver friendly, this ELD provides superior connectivity and data accuracy backed by exceptional customer support, with a companion mobile app that allows drivers to perform ELD tasks from in and outside the cab. A rugged tethered, in-cab device that connects to the engine control module (ECM), Ehubo gives you the compliance you need today. Data is available in one cloud-based fleet performance management platform.

Our dynamic ELD for a connected ecosystem

The Drive ELD is an app that connects to our IoT gateway devices, ensuring regulatory compliance while giving operations managers current fleet visibility and options to add more vehicles or sensor types for broader fleet management options. Our Drive ELD app is ideal for fleets who want a flexible app on a device in their cab and have ambitions to scale their operations from expanded sensor data insights. Set custom alerts for ELD events, fault codes and more. High-definition data is delivered in one cloud-based fleet performance management platform.

Setting the standard for compliance with third-party verified ELD

To ensure our ELD is FMCSA compliant, EROAD employed the services of transportation research and engineering experts, PIT Group, to provide third-party verification. While suppliers can self-certify their technologies, EROAD elected to undergo independent testing because we realize the added value of unbiased verification.

After thorough and rigorous testing and verification according to the FMCSA’s test procedure, PIT Group confirmed that EROAD fully meets the FMCSA’s functional requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it

EROAD’s Ehubo ELD was ranked #1 by ELDRatings.com, an independent review site, based on its dependability, durability, and accuracy. Read the full review.

Read the user reviews on Capterra, where customers have made comments like “Getting more than what we paid for”, “Easy and simple to use” and “Customer service has been extraordinary”.

Recommended resources

EROAD has created dozens of helpful resources to help you research, select and deploy the right ELD for your business. These include guides on assessing electronic logging devices, detailed reports from our Regulatory and Compliance Team on HOS data and exemptions, and real world examples from our customers about their use of electronic logging.

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