Our new feature lets you close short unidentified trips in a few easy steps.

The use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) has largely simplified the process of tracking drivers’ hours of service. However, in the case of unidentified driving time, the implementation of ELDs has created a new back-office management task, as all unidentified trips need to be assigned to a driver or otherwise explained in case of a roadside inspection or DOT compliance audit.


What is an Unidentified Trip?

An unidentified trip is created when an ELD-equipped vehicle reaches a speed of 5 mph and no driver has logged into the device. Unidentified trips are often the result of yard moves, a mechanic driving the truck or a commercial driver just mistakenly forgetting to log in. Nonetheless, under the ELD mandate, all driving time must be accounted for.

Under § 395.32(c) of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) and as clarified in FMCSA ELD FAQs, carriers have a couple of options for dealing with unidentified trips.

1) The carrier assigns the unidentified driving time to the correct driver, who then must accept or reject each trip. Once a driver accepts an unidentified trip, the ELD will update their driving logs.

2) For trips that don’t belong to anyone, the carrier can add a remark and close out the trip.

The existing unidentified trips feature in EROAD’s web application lets carriers easily manage unidentified driving time, allowing them to quickly find trips that need to be assigned based on time period, trip status, vehicle or group.

We’ve recently added a new feature to make managing trips that are less than a minute in duration even easier.


Closing Out Short Trips in Bulk

EROAD unidentified trips dash


We have added functionality that will allow you to quickly identify and close out hundreds or thousands of similar unidentified trips – specifically the short trips that last less than a minute – with just few easy steps.

      • Log into the EROAD web app and navigate to the Driver dashboard
      • Click Unidentified Trips
      • Click Close Short Trips (new button on the upper right of the screen)
      • A popup will tell you how many trips you have that are less than a minute
      • Add a comment describing the trips, such as “yard moves,” and click Close Trips


Our goal is to save you time and help you focus on managing the trips that could actually impact your drivers’ hours of service. This new feature stays within the FMCSR requirements while helping carriers operate more efficiently.


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Managing Unidentified Trips Is Easier with EROAD

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