Ask these questions to maximize your trailer tracking ROI.

Trailers far outnumber trucks in most commercial fleets, making it difficult to keep tabs on the location, health and readiness of those assets.

Lack of trailer visibility can result in:

  • Loss of potential revenue because of underutilization
  • Drivers frustrated by trailer location and maintenance problems
  • Safety and compliance issues


Trailer tracking is the solution. But not all trailer telematics devices are equal.

Here are 5 questions to ask when weighing your options to ensure that you maximize the powerful benefits that trailer tracking has to offer.

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1. Does it report consistently?

If you’re not consistently gathering data, your trailer tracking ROI goes out the window. Still, many suppliers have products where as much as 15% of trailer telematics devices aren’t reporting. That’s a giant data gap that makes it hard to get the most out of a trailer tracking solution.

EROAD Asset Tracker Powered by Phillips Connect has an ultra-high capacity battery and leads the industry in providing consistent, reliable reporting so you always know the location of your trailers.


2. How difficult is the install?

One of the biggest ROIs of trailer tracking is increased uptime. Products that require labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive installs start eating into that ROI before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy it.

EROAD Asset Tracker installs easily in about 10 minutes, allowing you to quickly get your assets back on the road and generating revenue.


3. Is it expandable?

The core function of a trailer tracker is to tell you where your assets are at any given moment. But a smart trailer solution that incorporates a variety of sensors can do so much more to improve fleet safety, efficiency and compliance, maximizing the ROI of the trailer tracker.

EROAD Asset Tracker is compatible with Bluetooth-connected sensors that provide crucial information about brakes, tires, cargo, reefer temperature and more.


4. Is it built to last?

Commercial vehicles operate in harsh conditions. A tracker attached to a trailer must be able to endure those same conditions. Having to pull a trailer off the road to service a damaged telematics device just one time can cost you far more than the device did in the first place.

EROAD Asset Tracker is purpose-built with an over-molded harness, durable materials and specialized internal components to withstand extreme temperatures and other conditions and continue reporting flawlessly.


5. Is it part of an integrated solution?

Some suppliers focus only on trailer tracking. Others have solutions for a wider range of motor carriers’ needs. A trailer tracking solution that is seamlessly integrated with your overall fleet management system can help increase operational efficiency across your organization.

EROAD Asset Tracker is part of a suite of available products that provide a total fleet management solution, including the EROAD ELD, Clarity Dashcam and EROAD Go mobile driver workflow. It can also be used as a standalone trailer tracking solution.


EROAD and Phillips Connect

EROAD is working with industry leader Phillips Connect to provide best-in-class hardware and a robust platform for real-time tracking, analysis and insights. Check out our full range of solutions.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Trailer Tracking Solution

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