Artificial intelligence is getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason – it has potential applications across nearly every industry, including transportation.    

EROAD, for example, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize cold chain temperature monitoring and compliance with CoreTemp, which uses AI and advanced algorithms to predict the core temperature of products in refrigerated trailers with incredible accuracy.  

CoreTemp removes the need for manual probing – reducing costs and eliminating the potential for human error or intentional falsification – and provides real-time temperature data and other key operational insights. It all adds up to better regulatory compliance, reduced costs and happier customers. 

Here are five ways that AI is transforming cold chain temperature monitoring. 


Real-time Cold Chain Monitoring  

Solutions that use AI, such as CoreTemp, continuously monitor the temperature inside reefer trailers in real time. With integrated temperature sensors and IoT devices, AI algorithms collect and analyze temperature data throughout transit. This enables motor carriers to have real-time visibility into the condition of the perishable goods being transported. 


Anomaly Detection and Alerts 

AI algorithms can detect temperature anomalies or deviations from the desired range. By comparing real-time temperature readings with predefined thresholds or expected temperature patterns, AI systems can identify potential issues such as temperature excursions, equipment malfunctions, or door openings. Automated alerts can then be generated to notify relevant personnel, enabling timely actions to mitigate risks and ensure product quality. 


Data Analysis and Reporting 

AI can analyze large volumes of temperature data collected from multiple reefers and provide actionable insights. It can identify trends, assess regulatory compliance, and generate comprehensive reports for quality control, compliance audits and strategic decision making. 


Route Optimization 

AI-powered solutions, such as CoreTemp, can pair your routes with detailed product information to streamline compliance reporting, giving you and your customer visibility into route progress, temperature compliance and exceptions. 


Compliance monitoring and reporting 

AI can assist in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines for cold chain transportation. By analyzing temperature data and comparing it with mandated temperature ranges or industry standards, AI systems can assess compliance levels and generate comprehensive reports for auditing purposes. 


The role of artificial intelligence in cold chain monitoring is growing larger. AI enhances temperature monitoring and management for motor carriers by providing real-time visibility, predictive capabilities, compliance monitoring, and optimized operations. By leveraging AI technologies like CoreTemp, motor carriers can improve efficiency, reduce risks, ensure product quality, and enhance customer satisfaction in their cold chain transportation operations. 


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What is the Role of AI in Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring?

by | May 18, 2023 |

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