The annual International Roadcheck will begin May 16. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) says inspectors will pay special attention to anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement during the three-day safety blitz. Still, drivers who are selected for an inspection can expect a full North American Standard Level I inspection, the agency says. 

Vehicles that pass inspection with no critical violations may receive a CVSA decal. Vehicles with decals generally will not face re-inspection for three months, according to the CVSA. However, vehicles and drivers are at risk of being put out of service if critical violations are found. 

The more than 59,000 inspections conducted during last year’s Roadcheck resulted in some 12,500 commercial vehicles and more than 3,700 drivers being put out of service (OSS).  

The top five vehicle OSS violations in 2022

  1. Brake systems 
  2. Tires 
  3. Defective service brakes 
  4. Lights  
  5. Cargo settlement 

The top five driver OSS violations in 2022

  1. False logs 
  2. Wrong class license 
  3. Hours of service 
  4. Suspended license  
  5. No medical card 

Prepare for International Roadcheck 2023 

Anti-lock brakes 

While ABS violations likely won’t put you out of service, the CVSA notes that ABS helps reduce collisions. That’s why it’s important to ensure proper ABS function during pre- and post-trip inspections and while in transit. During an inspection, inspectors will: 

  • Determine whether ABS is required on the vehicles 
  • Ensure the ABS lamp cycles on and off for all ABS-required vehicles during the diagnostic check  
  • Check for indications of an ABS malfunction, such as lamps remaining on during transit 


Cargo securement 

Nearly 11% of vehicle OSS violations during the 2022 Roadcheck were due to improper or inadequate cargo securement, per the CVSA, which can make driving more difficult, result in road hazards and cause injuries. Drivers should verify proper securement during pre- and post-trip inspections and periodically when in transit. During an inspection, inspectors will: 

  • Ensure spare tires, loads, cargo and dunnage are secured and prevented from falling, blowing, spilling or leaking from the vehicle, or rolling or shifting in transit 
  • Confirm there are enough tiedowns for the weight and length of the items being transported 
  • Check for defective securement devices (e.g., loose, torn, damaged, bent, knotted tiedowns) 
  • Inspect anchor points and structures for damage. 
  • Verify commodity-specific cargo is secured in accordance with the regulations


Expect a full inspection 

While the CVSA will be paying special attention to ABS and cargo securement during International Roadcheck 2023, drivers should still be prepared for full North American Level I Inspection, which includes a review of the driver’s record of duty status and HOS, along with a comprehensive vehicle inspection.  


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International Roadcheck 2023 Kicks Off May 16

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