When left unchecked, reefer units can run through unexpected amounts of fuel, significantly impacting your bottom line. Inefficient pre-cooling, trailers being used unexpectedly as storage units, and trailers getting lost in the yard are all common ways to rack up an expensive fuel bill.

Among its many features, CoreHub Xtreme has advanced pre-cool detection, efficiency tools and reports designed to save you time and money.

CoreHub Xtreme gives food and beverage carriers the visibility, confidence and control they need to protect loads, keep assets rolling longer, and deliver first-class customer service


Automatic Precooling with CoreHub Xtreme

Remote pre-cooling has changed the way cold chain logistics operates. Not having a driver or operator onsite to manually turn on a refrigeration unit before a trip saves time and money. By remotely pre-configuring settings, the chance of driver input errors is also reduced, helping to avoid issues with compliance.

With CoreHub Xtreme’s automated pre-cooling detection analytics, fleet managers can track how many diesel seconds have elapsed in achieving precooling. This information can be used to increase operational efficiencies in bulkhead management and switch-on time, closing potentially expensive gaps and lowering fuel costs.


EROAD Wireless Door Sensor

The advanced wireless door sensor remotely detects when doors on a trailer open and close enhancing security to prevent cargo theft, boost visibility across the fleet and enable fleet operators and drivers to make smarter operational decisions. Communicating wirelessly via Bluetooth, multiple sensors can be installed on one trailer and automatically send notifications to key personnel based on door and geofence activity. The door sensor is compatible with swing, curtain, and roll-up doors for dry and refrigerated trailers.


EROAD Reefer Fuel Sensor

Our Location Efficiency Report identifies how long reefer units have been running and their fuel consumption levels using data collected from the EROAD’s Reefer Fuel Sensor. This information can be used to identify expensive detention situations like lost trailers or trailers being used as storage, rectify these situations and reduce fuel usage.


Reduce Waste with CoreTemp

EROAD’s CoreTemp has improved product temperature and delivery compliance, providing a high level of product assurance for the refrigerated goods cold chain. By using advanced mathematical algorithms to predict the core temperature of your products in real time, CoreHub Xtreme achieves unparalleled accuracy, keeping you compliant, your loads safe and reducing the chance of lost loads.


Fleet Utilization and Status

EROAD’s software provides an interactive dashboard for real-time monitoring, allowing fleet operations personnel to visualize the location of trucks along with information on load integrity. The system displays geofence information – including the amount of time spent at loading docks and various delivery points – providing comprehensive statistics for on-time delivery efficiency along with a continuous, comprehensive view of reefers’ operating status.


Preventative Maintenance

EROAD’s connected onboard computers present virtual diagnostic capabilities by collecting vehicle data across a number of critical points to address real-time engine faults, tire pressure, brake functionality and battery, among others.

Reefer alarms and alerts for return and supply air, along with door open/close alerts, manufacturer alarms and temperature and humidity alerts can be fully configured as SMS, pop-up or email notifications, giving operators the ability to remotely troubleshoot and adjust settings if needed.



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Reduce Reefer Fuel and Waste Costs with CoreHub Xtreme

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