Over the course of the last year, we’ve been busy collaborating with our customers, listening to feedback, and designing new products and features to help you get more out of your day to day and improve your fleet performance.

In June of 2022, we launched MyEROAD, our powerful cloud-based platform, which has allowed us to scale alongside the growth of our customers and easily add more features. Since launching MyEROAD, our activity map has been the most viewed page in the past 6 months, totaling over 40 million views. The activity map continues to be a primary tool and entry point all our customers utilize for their fleet performance needs. Because of that, we’ve made several improvements to help make our platform more effective, easier to use, and boost visibility across your entire fleet.

Here are the latest enhancements we have recently implemented to our mapping experience.

Map Experience Improvements

Animated Journey Lines

Each route or journey is now animated to show the direct path the vehicle took. This makes it significantly easier to follow a journey, especially when the route overlaps with itself on the return route.

Search by Latitude and Longitude

We added the ability to directly search for latitude and longitude within the search bar at the top of the screen. This is especially helpful for customers who operate in rural areas. Previously, the nearest road would appear when a latitude and longitude search occurred. Now, we are taking you to the exact location.

Personalized Map Settings

All your map settings are now retained where you left them, personalizing the experience for you. Whether it’s a filter, displaying geofences, or showing traffic, the map settings will be saved the next time you log in.

Defaulted Zoom Level

The map automatically zooms to the vehicles shown on screen making it easier to quickly view your fleet and make the necessary actions. Prior to this enhancement, when you accessed the activity map, it would default to displaying the entire country.

Map Icon Improvements

New Icon Interaction

You can now easily select different vehicles that are all in the same location, with overlapping icons. Simply hover over the icons and those at the back will come to the front.

Improved Icon Size and Clarity

Based on extensive user testing, we found that reducing the size of our icons and improving their clarity made it easier for users to find what they are looking for and clearly distinguish the necessary details. This has been rolled out for all customers.

Old Icons

New Icons with Labels Turned On

Prominent Vehicle Labels

The labels we use for vehicles are now more prominent and easier to select. They appear on the right vs below each icon, with a background. These labels can be toggled on or off in the map settings based on user preferences.

Better Vehicle Identification

To make it easier to identify a vehicle you have selected on the map, we added a blue halo around vehicles when they are selected.

Responsive Vehicle Clustering

To make it easier to identify a vehicle you have selected on the map, we added a blue halo around vehicles when they are selected.

Geofence Improvements

Geofences Everywhere

Geofences can now be toggled on and off, while using other mapping functionality. This is especially useful when needing to find additional information in addition to a geofence location. For example, a user could be looking at an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for a route with geofences that indicate important locations such as a distribution center or customer location.

Clear Geofence Labels

We’ve made the labels and addresses for geofences more useful and easier to find. Labels and addresses for geofences now appear when you hover over them.

Scalability Improvements

Supporting More Vehicles

Our technology is growing and so is our customer base. Our activity map now supports 100,000 vehicles and the cluster icons support up to 2,000 vehicles.


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MyEROAD Map Improvements Bring Better Fleet Visibility

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