Geofences can be a great tool for getting additional insight from your fleet management solution. So, what exactly is a geofence and how can you take advantage of this technology? Luckily, most of today’s advanced fleet management software is equipped with geofence capabilities. A geofence is a virtual boundary you define on a map. When a device enters the designated area, the software is triggered. With designated geofences you can pull reports on activity within each boundary. To help you fully understand the benefits of geofences, we’ve identified three ways you can use them to take your business operations to the next level.


1. Provide best-in-class customer service

Geofences offer a great way to improve customer satisfaction. EROAD’s Geofence capability allows you to alert customers with email notifications each time your vehicle enters or exits a delivery site. You can even set the geofence out a few miles from the customer site so that when the driver enters the geofence the customer is notified in advance and is ready for intake when the driver arrives. By allowing customers real-time visibility of when their deliveries arrive, you can ensure that every job is completed in line with company standards and service levels.


2. Improve productivity

Geofence data that is simply presented on a cloud-based back office portal gives you complete visibility of what your vehicles and assets are doing on site. This type of insight can help you improve vehicle adherence to work schedules, reduce turnaround times and ensure vehicles and assets are used correctly. If your fleet management solution has near real-time monitoring, you can receive live alerts on when drivers are arriving or leaving a site, which can support more efficient dispatching. Plus, with live alerts you can use geofences to bill for time-on-site quicker and more accurately.


3. Manage risk and enhance safety

Unwarranted customer complaints about your vehicles or drivers can hurt your business reputation and bottom line. Being able to accurately track down vehicle activity and speed allows you to better manage responses to your customers and improve service levels. Use a timer to set limits for geofences. If a driver goes past the limit, you’ll know to check on them and keep them safe.


Using geofences allows you to take your business operations to the next level. Watch our Art of Geofencing webinar to find out how you can improve your operations.


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