Updated: 4/3/20

In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, FMCSA and state agencies are working around the clock to try and alleviate any roadblocks for trucking to operate during this critical time.  

Many states are granting temporary waivers of International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements for carriers transporting goods and services for disaster relief from COVID-19. It is each state jurisdictions’ responsibility rather than FMCSA, to issue IFTA, IRP registrations, license renewals and trip permits. For this reason, each state will have to provide emergency waivers for expired registrations and licenses.  

To keep you informed we will be keeping this post up to date with state memos. It’s helpful to note that IFTA and IRP are sharing Emergency Waiver notices from various states. 


The following US states have issued an Emergency Waiver:


We will continue to update this list when/if more state waivers become available. Please check back frequently for updates. Or visit the IFTA or IRP sites directly.


Thank you to each and every driver and carrier out there working to support our communities. We appreciate the work you are doing and are proud to be part of the trucking industry.   

Soona Lee

Director, Regulatory Compliance - North America
Soona Lee is responsible for understanding regulatory context and policies and technical requirements and translating them for development of the company's suite of compliance products.

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Disaster Relief: COVID-19 IRP & IFTA Emergency Waivers

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