How many hours a driver has remaining in their work period affects which loads and routes they can accept.

To give dispatch and others in the back office better insight into each driver’s hours available, EROAD’s cloud-based software, Depot, displays an hours-of-service recap for the driver’s current cycle, seven or eight days depending upon the ruleset. Assessing whether a driver can accept another load or shift is now as simple as checking their HOS Recap.

When logged in to the EROAD Depot, choose the Activity page and from the Driver tab select a Driver. In the lower right corner of the page, the HOS Recap displays the hours used in the current cycle and restarts based on the ruleset under which the driver is operating.

Having this level of insight into your driver hours can ensure drivers are set up for success for staying compliant with HOS rules and that they aren’t over or under-scheduled.

The HOS Recap is one of the many insights you gain into your driver’s work life with EROAD. You can also easily track:

  • Driver timesheets
  • HOS violations
  • Over speed events
  • Safety performance compared to other professional drivers
  • State line crossings
  • Fuel usage
  • Idling time
  • Time at specific sites
  • And much, much more

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Feeling in the dark about your drivers hours of service?

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