Are you ready for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck? The 72-hour safety event is set for May 4-6, during which time CVSA-certified inspectors will reportedly inspect an average of 15 trucks and busses each minute across North America.

For 2021, inspectors will focus on lighting and hours-of-service compliance.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data show that the lighting violation “lamps inoperable” was the No. 1 vehicle violation last fiscal year, amounting to more than 12 percent of all vehicle violations. HOS was the top driver out-of-service violation category during last year’s roadcheck, accounting for nearly 35 percent of all driver out-of-service violations, according to the CVSA.


Prepare for the CVSA International Roadcheck

Lights and reflectors

According to the FMCSA, more than 150,000 “inoperable required lamp” violations have already been identified during inspections this year – with nearly 12,000 of those resulting in out-of-service violations.

With the emphasis on lighting during this year’s safety blitz, it’s key for drivers to pay close attention to lights and reflectors during their pre-trip inspections. Electronic logging devices that feature an integrated, paperless driver vehicle inspection report can help ensure that drivers complete thorough DVIRs, while making it easier for carriers to track defects and repairs.


See the FMCSA’s table showing required lamps and reflectors for commercial motor vehicles


HOS compliance

More than 1,100 drivers were put out of service due to HOS violations during the 2020 International Roadcheck, which saw more than 50,000 inspections throughout Canada, Mexico and the U.S., according to the CVSA. It’s crucial, then, for drivers to comply with HOS rules, including using an ELD, if required to, and accurately recording their duty status. Carriers should ensure that their drivers understand HOS regulations and how to use their ELD. Selecting an ELD from a reputable provider of driver-friendly units that are well known to inspectors can help facilitate a smooth inspection of HOS.


Expect a Full Inspection

While the CVSA will be paying special attention to lighting and HOS during the 2021 International Roadcheck, drivers should still be prepared for full North American Level I Inspection, which includes a review of the driver’s record of duty status and HOS, along with a comprehensive vehicle inspection (see what’s included here). Like last year, inspectors will be following COVID-19 safety protocols, the CVSA says, adding that trucks carrying vaccines will not be stopped for inspections unless there is an obvious violation that is an imminent hazard.


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Check Out These Stats from the 2020 CVSA International Roadcheck

The top five vehicle out-of-service violation categories:
  • Brake system (3,163)
  • Tires (2,326)
  • Lights (1,650)
  • Cargo securement (1,586)
  • Brake adjustment (1,567)


The top five driver OOS violation categories:
  • HOS (1,128)
  • Other, including moving violations and cell phone use (709)
  • Wrong license class (687)
  • False logs (455)
  • Suspended license (141)


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CVSA International Roadcheck Will Focus on Lighting and HOS

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