Smart trailer tracking can improve safety and efficiency across your whole business.

Basic trailer tracking has been around for years, helping fleets monitor loads, manage dispatch, simplify yard checks and track miles. More recently, though, the trailer management landscape has changed in exciting ways with the introduction of smart trailer solutions that go way beyond traditional tracking.

Through GPS and data from a variety of sensors, advanced trailer telematics systems provide real-time information on trailer health, readiness and, of course, location. The result: increased trailer safety, better utilization and improved driver satisfaction.

Here are four big ways that fleets benefit from smart trailer solutions.


Increased Efficiency, Utilization and Revenue

GPS data allows motor carriers to better manage and report on trailer and asset location and optimize utilization. It is especially useful for drop-hook operations. And alerts and reports for in and outbound crossing of geofenced areas make reporting easy.

Also, improved trailer utilization can show when you’re able to do more with fewer trailers, providing the opportunity to streamline your fleet. In the same vein, smart trailer technology can provide insights on how to best allocate your trailer fleet to meet business demands and extend the life of your trailers.

Moreover, load volume sensors provide dispatchers with data on trailers that may have room for additional back-haul cargo, helping carriers maximize load volumes and, in turn, revenue.

Finally, door sensors support loss prevention efforts by alerting carriers to a trailer door being opened when it shouldn’t be. And GPS can help in the recovery of stolen trailers.


Improved Safety and Compliance

The vast majority of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration violations are related to service and maintenance issues. To date in 2021, various brake violations have accounted for six out of the top 20 violations found during roadside inspections, per the FMCSA, with lights and tires violations also appearing on the list.

Many of these brake, light and tire issues can be identified and addressed before a violation occurs via smart trailer tracking. Advanced solutions let you see inoperative lights, low tire pressure and ABS problems remotely so you service proactively and keep your drivers and loads safe and in-service, while avoiding fines and costly unscheduled repairs and protecting your CSA scores.


More Productive (and Happy) Drivers

Drivers get paid to drive. Searching for a misplaced trailer or hooking up to a trailer with maintenance or cargo issues is a frustrating waste of time that cuts into drivers’ earning potential. Smart trailer tracking ensures that you know the exact location of a trailer, along with its health and readiness, before you dispatch a driver to pick it up.


Better Customer Service

Information about load position, delivery status and proof of delivery is important to everyone in shipping and logistics. Trailer tracking solutions provide shippers, customers and brokers with the data they want and need. And thanks to the affordability of trailer tracking, small fleets can provide to customers the same level of real-time data as the largest fleets.


Are you ready to take a data-driven approach to trailer management? Check out EROAD Asset Tracker powered by Phillips Connect to learn how smart trailer tracking can improve trailer efficiency, utilization and safety for your fleet.

4 Big Benefits of Smart Trailer Tracking for Fleets

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