Keep your goods safe in the most extreme conditions


On long journeys, unexpected challenges happen. Inefficient pre-cooling, unpredictable weather, poorly sealed doors, engine fault codes, unnecessary idling, aggressive driving and extended miles put strain on even the most well-maintained vehicles and trailers. Fleet operators need to be aware of the status of their fleet, wherever it is, so that they can best mitigate these challenges, know with confidence that their loads will be delivered as promised, and, ultimately, that the perishable goods they are transporting are uncompromised.

According to CDC estimates, some 48 million people get sick in the United States from foodborne illnesses each year. Moreover, with the introduction of new last-mile perishable good delivery models and the demand for frozen and fresh foods increasing, meeting the demand while preserving the bottom line can be tough. Whether traversing blazing desert heat, or crossing ice cold tundra, carriers need telematics they can depend on to keep performing, keeping their loads safe and customers happy.

Presenting CoreHub Xtreme, the next generation IoT gateway



CoreHub Xtreme is the latest generation IoT Cold Chain assurance gateway from EROAD. The result of over 20 years of product development across EROAD and recently acquired Coretex teams, it has been designed for reefers, trailers and other heavy-duty assets made to withstand harsh cross-country environments and increasing demand for frozen and fresh food.

Whatever conditions you experience, CoreHub Xtreme works hard to keep you connected, providing you with the information you need to make data driven decisions for your business, regardless of what you carry.


Ensure food safety and reduce lost loads

 CoreHub Xtreme gives fleet managers and drivers extra visibility. Prioritized reefer alerts sent via email or SMS notify you when actions need to be taken. Combined with advanced reefer controls you can reduce lost loads, and build trust with customers by delivering safe, high quality loads time and time again. Over 50 different controls come with intuitive functionality that can be set by individual trailer compartment with multiple load types or asset and include reefer on/off, operating mode, set point and more.



Obtain deeper insights with wireless sensors

Deeper insight into trailer health, product quality and reefer management come from CoreHub Xtreme’s expanding network of IoT wireless sensors. Ensure that everything is going to plan, and prevent claims and spoiled goods with data and alerts from our door, temperature, fuel and humidity sensors.

Protect asset and load quality with automatic monitoring and prioritization of ABS/EBS codes, engine fault codes, tire pressure levels, trailer weight and more. Streamline maintenance with fault codes for engines and refrigeration units, custom digital checklists and DVIRs to increase fleet safety and lower operating costs.


Get a wider perspective and increase fuel savings

The CoreHub Xtreme gateway brings together the data from all your assets and journeys into one place. This data is a powerful tool that can enable you to make informed and timely business decisions that help grow your business and compete more efficiently.

Streamline your operations by knowing with certainty how your equipment was used – reefer routes, cold storage, dry goods and idle time. Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by improving bulkhead management and know and manage the success rate and fuel costs of pre-cooling procedures with automatic tracking across your fleet.

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Introducing CoreHub Xtreme – the Next-Generation Cold Chain Assurance Gateway

by | Jun 28, 2022 |

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