For motor carriers, data often comes in one of two forms, either too much or too little. Luckily, telematics technology can help carriers find their data sweet spot – delivering the insights they need to address their unique pain points and achieve their operational and business goals while cutting out data distractions.

“Data is great. We all love data. But too much data can’t be consumed,” EROAD’s Travis Ross said during an appearance on the Freight Waves Running on Ice Podcast.

The solution to challenges around data, according to Ross, is to find a technology partner that understands your business and “start slowly and you can have huge gains in a very short amount of time if you control the data flow.”

Check out the video below to listen as Ross, senior technical account manager at EROAD, and Konrad Stempniak, EROAD’s executive general manager for Australia and New Zealand, discuss emerging technologies in cold chain and the ROI they provide.


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Podcast Recap: Emerging Tech in Cold Chain

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