Whether hauling goods across town or across the country, trucking operations generate a tremendous amount of data. Too often, though, much of that data goes unused. And that amounts to a huge missed opportunity. 

EROAD CEO Mark Heine recently spoke to Supply Chain World about how harnessing the power of data – along with artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms and machine learning – can help transportation businesses transform their operations through better decision making. 

“We know that our clients aren’t data scientists. They are operators focused on running their business,” Heine says. “With our platform, clients can make better decisions based on actionable insights from alerts, reports and dashboards that contextualize and simplify complex data.” 

Here are some highlights from the Q&A. 

On how data intelligence is revolutionizing the trucking industry: “The potential for fleets to harness intelligent insights from diverse data sources is revolutionizing fleet management,” Heine says. “By aggregating data from telematics, transportation management systems, IoT sensors, vehicle original equipment manufacturers, data, sales, and invoicing systems, fleets can access real-time impactful insights. 

On AI and cold chain logistics: “The role of artificial intelligence in cold chain monitoring is growing larger and it’s really exciting to watch it happen,” Heine says. “EROAD uses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize cold chain temperature monitoring and compliance with our CoreTemp, which uses AI and advanced algorithms to predict the core temperature of products in refrigerated trailers with incredible accuracy.” (Check out this case study on how a major food and beverage distributor is using CoreTemp.) 

On how technology helps carriers tackle operational challenges: “Tips like keeping the trucks well maintained, looking out for tire pressure, maintaining steady speed, and reducing engine idling seem like they are obvious,” Heine says, “but when you look at extending this across an entire fleet of vehicles and drivers it becomes difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. This is where technology is critical and becomes an essential part of the solution. Ultimately, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” 

On how EROAD helps businesses transform their operations: “At EROAD, we believe that you can’t plan where you’re going tomorrow if you don’t know where you are today,” Heine says. “We offer more than just telematics; we deliver unparalleled insights to enhance fleet and operational performance. We empower transformation by increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, managing safety and compliance, and measuring sustainability.” 


Click here to read the full Q&A at Supply Chain World 

EROAD’s Mark Heine Discusses Trucking’s Data Revolution

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