It’s an unfortunate reality of the waste management industry: Disputes between haulers and cities are common. And when disputes do arise, business relationships can become strained. The solution is service verification technology, which provides time-stamped proof that carts were collected, and jobs were completed.

But not all service verification solutions are created equal!

Garbage collection is a tough job, and some products just aren’t up to the task. And when they fail, you’re left without the data you need to prove that you’re taking care of your obligations. That’s why the rugged, reliable EROAD Waste Solution uses three levels of service verification.


Level 1: CoreRFID Service Verification Tool

Built specifically for the waste industry and backed by more than 15 years of product development, CoreRFID is the ultimate service verification tool. CoreRFID generates data for every cart you collect – proof that the job was completed. And you can easily get the history of a specific cart, letting you know exactly when it has been collected over a period of time, for quick dispute resolution. The EROAD Waste Solution was one of the first to incorporate RFID technology. CoreRFID is affordable, and we don’t use repurposed parts that were designed for other industries.


Level 2: Wireless Lift Arm Sensor

The second level of service verification is the Wireless Lift Arm Sensor. Secured directly to a truck’s lift-arm, it records cart tips so that you can see when and where bins were collected. Our sensor – designed to fit any truck type – does not rely on electrical wiring, so it is a lot less vulnerable to faults. And no wiring also makes it easier to install.


Level 3: Stop/start events with GPS

By monitoring stop and start events with GPS location data and a time stamp you can see that a truck has been past the cart on its route and slowed down to a certain speed or stopped while passing indicating that the cart was collected. This provides an excellent level of backup service verification when needed.


Bring It All Together with the EROAD Waste Dashboard

The EROAD Waste Dashboard brings all this data into a single platform. Both real-time and historical data can be shared easily with contractors and clients to resolve disputes and prove that you’re completing your contractual obligations.


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Get 3 Levels of Service Verification with the EROAD Waste Solution

by | Sep 1, 2022 |

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