CoreRFID, a key component of the EROAD Waste Solution, is the ultimate service verification tool. Rugged and built to last, it has unparalleled accuracy and is one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

We look at CoreRFID as the gold standard of service verification. Here’s why.


CoreRFID Is Purpose-Built for Waste

The EROAD Waste Solution was one of the first solutions to incorporate RFID technology specifically for waste management. CoreRFID is a tried-and-true service verification tool that is purpose-built for tough, dirty jobs. It does not use repurposed parts that were designed for other industries, and it’s cost-effective.


Head-off Disputes with Service Verification

Disputes between waste haulers and cities are, unfortunately, commonplace, and they can lead to strained business relationships and damage to haulers’ reputations. CoreRFID helps alleviate these issues by providing reliable, time-stamped service verification, allowing you to prove that you got the job done. And in the case that an address was missed, CoreRFID helps you quickly identify it and complete the service.


Target Your Education and Enforcement Efforts

CoreRFID lets you easily connect a garbage bin with the service address. So, when issues like contamination in carts or carts not being put out arise, you can quickly identify the customer and educate them about rules and regulations and, if necessary, take further corrective action.


Install Quickly and Get Back on the Road

No matter the size or type of trucks you use, CoreRFID is easy to install, reducing downtime and allowing you to start experiencing the ROI of rock-solid service verification in no time.


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Why CoreRFID is the Gold Standard of Service Verification

by | Aug 25, 2022 |

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