Disputes are common in the waste and recycling industry. Implementing the right fleet management technology, however, can increase visibility and accountability for haulers, cities and customers – leading to quicker resolutions and fewer disputes overall.

Here are three ways that a fleet management solution can support smoother operations and fewer headaches.


Proof of Service

Disputes often arise when customers claim that a hauler did not complete service. Telematics can help haulers provide proof of service in several ways.

  • GPS tracking provides location data – both real-time and historical – verifying that trucks have completed their routes.
  • Lift-arm sensors paired with geolocation data can show that your trucks have stopped at the correct locations and carts were collected.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can provide proof of service, including location, time of collection and more. Rich historical data can be used to inform business decisions.
  • Cameras provide visual evidence of service being performed. They can also be used to detect contamination in recycling or show that a cart was blocked and inaccessible.


Smart Routing

Smart electronic routing that is easily visible to drivers on in-cab tablets helps drivers maximize their time on duty and ensure route completion, reducing the possibility of missed stops and minimizing fuel waste. Smart routing also lets dispatchers see in real time where their trucks are and when routes are completed. Historical data can be used to compare planned routes and actual performance on those routes, providing insights needed to boost efficiencies and cut waste.


Video Telematics

In addition to being used recording service exceptions – such as blocked or contaminated carts – on-board video telematics are also a powerful tool for protecting haulers from false claims. Video evidence can quickly exonerate drivers falsely accused of causing an accident or property damage.

Dash cams support fleet safety by facilitating better driver coaching. Cameras are triggered by events, such as hard braking, harsh acceleration and hard cornering, giving managers the information they need to coach on specific issues.


The EROAD Waste Solution

Developed specifically for the waste and recycling industry, the EROAD Waste Solution offers sophisticated and scalable proof of service, route management, reporting and compliance tools – with data available in a single, easy-to-use platform.

  • Verify collection on individual carts with EROAD’s CoreRFID.
  • Monitor service events with wireless lift-arm sensors that are easy to install with limited downtime.
  • Verify route coverage with GPS tracking.
  • Increase recycling and reduce contamination rates.
  • Boost fleet efficiency with actionable data insights.


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The Benefits of Increased Visibility in the Waste Industry

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