When talking about the benefits of fleet management solutions for waste haulers, the focus is usually on boosting productivity, reducing operating costs and improving customer service. And there’s a good reason why those benefits get so much attention: They deliver a huge return on investment to haulers who adopt technology solutions.

 However, there is one benefit to implementing a fleet management solution that doesn’t get the attention it should. That benefit is increased transparency.  


Digital Transformation of the Waste Industry

The digital transformation of the waste and recycling industry has broken down the silos between internal functional groups and external key stakeholders. Advanced fleet technology enables a true customer collaboration platform that creates a greater level of visibility and accountability in waste collection. 


Transparency Means Better Service

Technology empowers waste haulers to improve service delivery. Vehicle tracking and proof-of-service tools let you know in real time where a vehicle is, where it has been and whether service was completed. EROAD’s mobile apps and in-cab display also empower drivers, allowing them to conveniently report service exceptions, such as blocked or contaminated carts – heading off potential disputes before they arise. 

With image verification added to the solution, customer service staff are armed with actionable evidence, including video and photos showing proof of the service exceptions. By providing detailed information about exceptions and non-compliance through a customer collaboration platform, waste haulers can resolve service inquiries and complaints much more quickly.  


Transparency Simplifies Waste Collection

In residential waste services, there are often multiple players in the process, adding a degree of complexity. For instance, Charlotte, N.C., uses city-owned trucks for residential trash bin collection, but contracts with third parties for recycling services and front-load dumpster pickups at multi-unit housing complexes. In this case, the challenge EROAD solves is pulling data together from every truck across all providers into a single dashboard interface that can be reviewed by all the partners involved. 

The EROAD Waste Solution enables the city to view and track – using enterprise-grade maps – the real-time route status and completion of work orders for city-owned trucks and trucks operated by third parties. And those third-party contractors receive real-time granular data about the performance of their fleets, including location tracking, hours of service and vehicle diagnostics. Residents also have access to relevant data through the EROAD Residential Waste App, such as when their trash and recycling collection is scheduled for and if there is a truck on the way.   


A Waste Solution for Every Fleet

Using cloud-based visualization software, EROAD’s Waste Solution turns data into automated business intelligence and brings a new level of transparency, accountability, safety and service to waste haulers, municipalities, commercial customers and citizens. Our modular offering lets you scale the solution to match your needs and provides a single source of operational truth for everyone involved in your waste hauling operation. 


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How Increased Transparency Benefits Waste Haulers

by | Oct 8, 2022 |

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