You hear terms like digital transformation, data science, and machine learning every day, but do you really know what they mean – and what they could mean to your business?

EROAD recently partnered with Transport Topics for a webinar on digital transformation. During the info-packed session, EROAD’s Mike Soricelli and Craig Marris covered key aspects of digital transformation and how organizations use it to transcend traditional business processes and customer experiences to elevate fleet operations.

“Just think about all the different data points that you’re receiving: fuel, hours of service, MPG, idle time, ETA, driving behavior – there’s so much,” Soricelli, segment development manager at EROAD, explained. “Think about what you can do with all of that data and how you can gain valuable, actionable insights from it.”

During the webinar, Soricelli provided an overview of machine learning and machine vision and how they are being used in the transportation industry. Load boards, automated routing, predictive fault code detection and predictive and prescriptive maintenance are all examples of machine learning. Dash cams and systems that can process visual information are examples of machine vision.

Technology solutions that incorporate machine learning and machine vision can yield big benefits for transportation businesses, Soricelli said.

“You become more efficient. You save time and money. You improve accuracy and reduce your manual workload,” he said. “You’re working smarter, not harder. You’re safer, and you’re providing better service to customers and employees.”

Marris, EROAD’s executive vice president for transportation and cold chain, provided a list of considerations for organizations that want to undertake digital transformation, noting that even smaller fleets without IT departments and dedicated data scientists can benefit through partnerships with technology providers that incorporate machine learning into their products and services.

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What Is Digital Transformation and What Does it Mean for Fleets?

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